Lecture Topics
Lectures & Lab Component

Below is a list of lecture topics for the current (and past) programs.  Not all lectures are given eh summer:


  1. Skull  [Ullinger]

  2. Dental Anthropology  [Ullinger]

  3. Axial Skeleton [Ullinger]

  4. Appendicular Skeleton  [Gregoricka]

  5. Paleopathology  [Sheridan]

  6. Forensic Methods [Sheridan]


  1. Statistical Methods  [Wilson]

  2. Exegesis  [Spencer]

  3. Advanced Paleopathology  [Ortner]

  4. Gilgamesh  [Page]

  5. Bone Chemistry [Schurr]

  6. Analytical Chemistry Instrumentation [Birdsell]


  1. Introduction to Bab edh-Dhra’  [Chesson]

  2. Near Eastern Archaeology  [Rowan]

  3. Zooarchaeology [Maher]

Professional Development

  1. Library Methods  [Smith]

  2. OIT Excel

  3. OIT PowerPoint

  4. Graduate School [Mick]

For the first 2 weeks of the program students will be instructed in the osteological and statistical methods needed for their research projects. 

In addition, they will receive instruction by professors from a variety of disciplines related to the summer’s research focus.  These lectures will include discussion of Near Eastern archaeology, the Bab edh-Dhra’ site, bone chemistry, dental anthropology, and exegesis.

Please go to the Faculty page to read more about individual professors.

** Students are required to be present for all lectures, and must pass the lab practical (with an A or B)  at the end of the 2 week instruction period. 

Lectures & Lab Photos


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