l Configuring & Using The HP4050N Printer

Configuring and Using The HP4050N Printer


  • Adding the HP4050N Printer in Windows XP
  • Enabling Two-Sided Printing In Windows XP
  • Using Two-Sided Printing in Windows XP
  • Using Two-Sided Printing in Linux

    The NSL printer hp4050n.phys.nd.edu, located on the printer table in the front of the NSL Lab Control Room,
    supports two-sided Black-and-White printing. If you print a black-and-white document in the lab, this should be your first choice.

    Adding the HP4050N Printer in Windows XP

    In Windows XP, go to "Start". Select "Printers & Faxes". Under "Printer Tasks", select "Add a Printer".

    The printer wizard box should appear:

    Click on "Next". You'll get the Local or Printer Modal box:

    Select "Local", and uncheck the Plug'n Play Check Box. Click "Next". You'll be asked which port to use:

    Click the Radio button for "Create a New Port", and Select "Standard TCP/IP Port" from the list of port types.
    Click "Next". You'll be asked to enter the port name:

    Enter hp4050n.phys.nd.edu for both printer and port name. Select "Next". You might be asked to confirm your choice.
    Eventually, you get to the Install Printer Software box:

    Select "HP" for manufacturer, and "HP LaserJet 4050 Series PCL6" for the printer. Select "Next". You'll be asked to name the printer:

    Name it what you like, then click "Next". Print a test page if you wish. Click "Finish"- You're done.

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    Enabling Two-Sided Printing in Windows XP

    If you want to take advantage of the HP4050N's duplex capabilities, go to "Start". select "Printers & Faxes":

    Select the HP4050N printer, Right-click, and select "Properties":

    Go to the "Device Settings" tab. Under the Installable Options, click on the drop-down list box next to Duplex Unit.
    Select "Installed". Click on OK. Duplex Printing is now Enabled.

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    Using Two-Sided Printing in Windows XP

    When you print, you get the printer selection menu:

    Choose the HP4050N, then click the "Preferences" button. You get the Preferences Menu:

    Under the "Print on Both Sides" Menu Item, select the radio button corresponding to your printing choice.

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    Using Two-Sided Printing in Linux

    The HP4050N printer is available on the lab's public Linux machines.

    The interface for using two-sided printing differs between applications, depending on the UI library that was used.

    There are two interfaces that seem to be common to the applications I've used:

    Openoffice & many others use the above interface. Go to Page Setup, Two-sided, and select your desired option.

    If you encounter an application using the interface above, select the printer, then select "Configure":

    Checking or unchecking the Duplex checkbox enables/disables Two-sided printing.

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