1. Complete  and submit the OIS On-line application for LONDON SUMMER by February 6, 2012  
    You can import information from another OIS application, but you must add the course preference information below.



      taken courses;

      LIST YOUR RANK-ORDERED PREFERRED COURSES for the LONDON Summer Program.  This ranking is needed for your course selection. 

      For example:

      1- FTT34207        or     1-Shakespeare

      2- PHIL 24408              2-Philosophy of Law

      3- ENG 44420              3-London Writers

      4- ANTH 34230

      5- HIST 34414

      6- POLS 34530

      7- FTT 34301

      8- FTT 34005



    Provide ONE FACULTY academic recommendation, due February 11, 2012 . (Please enter the name Judy Hutchinson for the second faculty recommendation request. The application will not process without a second recommendation name.)

    Provide RECTOR recommendation, due February 11, 2012 .
    You do not need to get academic or Dean approvals for summer programs or fax the signed form to 574 631-3978.

    PARENTAL CONSENT FORM. The electronic application and signed parental consent forms are due February 6, 2012. You can submit the parental consent form at 105 Main Building.


2. NOTE REGARDING PASSPORTS: If you are considering applying to a summer program and you do not have a valid passport, or your passport is to expire within six months of your anticipated program end date, please take steps to obtain or renew your passport immediately. Passports can take longer than expected to process and you may need your passport to apply for visas well before your program begins. You can get more information about obtaining and renewing passports by clicking this link:

3. QUESTIONS? Please contact Judy Hutchinson at or 574-631-0398. or Liz Reagan at or 574-631-0622.