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Key: 2P = 2nd Philosophy; 2T = 2nd Theology; FA = Fine Arts;
H = History; L = Literature; S = Social Science

DisciplineND Course #ND Course DescriptionHost Univ. #Host Univ. TitleCreditTermReq.
CAPP34365Web Development Web Development 3Spring
GE34211A Retrospection of the GDR (German Democ...A Retrospection of the GDR (German Democ...3Spring
GE34802Berlin East-East-WestI3994yBerlin Ost-Ost-West3Spring
GE34812Berlin als mulitkultureller Ort - Die Vi...Berlin and Multicurality: Culture and Re...3Spring
GE34112Berlin in FilmS 16 842Berlin in Film3Spring
GE34511Berlin in der LiteraturBS 16891Berlin in der Literatur3Spring
GE34411Berliner PhantastikN/ABerliner Phantastik3Spring
GE34312Culture in Berlin/Culture and BerlinKulterelle Orientierung in Berlin3Spring
GE34312Culture in Berlin/Culture and BerlinKulterelle Orientierung in Berlin3Spring
GE34211Film in the DDRN/AFilm in the DDR3Spring
GE44499German Literature Senior SeminarI3991yNeue Sachlichkeit?3Spring
GE34612Illness and Health in the 20th CenturyKrankheit und Gesundheit im 20. Jahrhund...3Spring
GE34300Language Study AbroadI3405German Language Practicum6Spring
GE34111Ludwig Wittgenstein: Philosophische Unte...N/ALudwig Wittgenstein: Philosophische Unte...3Spring
GE44675Migration und LiteraturI3991yMigration und Literatur3Spring
GE44669Modern Metropolis in German LiteratureI3992yBerlin in Literature3Spring
GE34712Modernity and Progress: Development in B...Moderne und Fortschritt: Entwicklungen i...3Spring
GE34210Oper und KulturI3994Oper und Kultur3Spring
GE34012Seeing Green: Cultural History of Enviro...Green Thinking3Spring
GE34512Terror and the Every Day in Nazi GermanyTerror und Alltag im Berlin der NS Zeit3Spring
GE34311Texte ueber Reise nach AfrikaN/ATexte ueber Reise nach Afrika3Spring
GE34912The Economic Miracle in EuropeWirtschaftswunder in Europa3Spring
GE34212The Fairytales of the Brothers GrimmBCGS CourseDie Märchen der Brüder Grimm 3Spring
GE34412Theory of Drag and Practices of Queer Pe...Drag Theorien und Praktiken queerer Perf...3Spring
GE34801U.S. perceptions of Germany and the Germ...I3600yU.S. perceptions of Germany and the Germ...3Spring
HIST34460Prussian Foreign Policy from the Congres...N/APruessens Aussenpolitik vom Wiener Kongr...3Spring
MATH24610Linear AlgebraI3992xLinear Algebra I3Spring
PHIL43173Nietzsche: Zur Genealogie der MoralS 16015Nietsche3Spring
PHIL24522The Concept and Morality of the LieN/AThe Concept and Morality of the Lie3Spring
PHYS44453Quantum IN/AQuantum Mechanics I3Spring
POLS34569Civil Power in EuropeCivil Power in Europe3Spring
POLS34568Democracy in EuropeDemocracy in Europe3Spring
POLS34290Foreign Policy of GermanyN/AEinfuehrung in die Aussenpolitik Deutsch...3Spring
POLS34205International Politics31203International Relations and World Politi...3Spring
RU34322Russian Conversation91343Russian for Business Contacts2Spring

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