Course Listings By Site

The location links below contain all available course information for classes taught at a particular site. This information is for reference only and is updated as new course information becomes available or changes occur.

Official course descriptions and numbers of credits are accessible from the registrar's site at: Please note that these lists do not show all the courses available at a host institution, they represent only the courses Notre Dame students enrolled in while abroad since Fall 2004. Courses taken abroad on Notre Dame-sponsored programs will receive credit at Notre Dame and the grades will be calculated into your GPA.

For more information, please check location pages or contact the OIS assistant director for the program to learn the specific courses available to you.

Once you are abroad, you may want to take a course that is not listed on the spreadsheet for your location. To get an unlisted course approved, send the course syllabus to the appropriate departmental contact person and copy your OIS program manager. If there is no syllabus for the course, use the Guidelines for Course Approval from Abroad to provide the required course information to the departmental contact and OIS program manager.

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