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Wait List FAQ


What it means to be on a wait list for a program:

The waitlist is used for students who are qualified to participate in a program that currently has no openings. Below is information that may be useful to you.


  • There is no ranking of students on the waitlist.  Because of all of the variables, it is not possible to have a numbered list.


  • Everything you could have done was completed when you submitted the application.  If a grade changed, or your major changed, then you should notify us.


  • Selection committees try to offer acceptances to a student’s first preference program.  If they cannot offer a spot to the student’s first preference, then they are released to the second, third, etc. choice.


  • First round letters have a confirm/decline deadline of February 10.  That is the date that students have to respond to our letter.  After that date, the selection committees will meet again to decide if offer can now be made due to declines from the first round letters.


  • Once students have confirmed participation in a program, then they are removed from the waitlist of any other programs to which they have applied.  Between
    the mailing of the first round letters until the student deadline for confirmation/decline, there is a lot of activity on the lists.  Usually, this procedure continues until March 19th.  We hope all groups are solidified by the end of March.  There may be movement after that time, but it is minimal.  Spring 2013 students will have orientations in Fall 2012, and there may be a small amount of movement at that time.


  • Our office will only notify you a second time if there is a change in your status.


  • If you have a definite offer in one program but are inquiring about the possibility of moving off of a wait list in another program:  please be advised that you would have to decline your offer before being considered for the wait list program.  You would be placed in the wait list pool with everyone else.  Please give careful consideration before giving up any offer.


  • More than 90% of students in general are qualified for acceptance to any of our programs.  However, because of the competitiveness (large applicant pool) of many of our programs, we often have long wait lists.


All applicants have an opportunity to rank and change program rankings when submitting a completed application.  However, no rank changes can be made by the student to any previously submitted applications.