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(these web pages were designed by Chad DuPont, Innsbruck Program 1999-2000)

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    I am pleased to announce the results of the Second Annual International Studies
    Program Photography Contest.  Studying abroad is perhaps the most memorable
    experience one can have as a Notre Dame Undergraduate.  The snapshots seen here
    represent the cherished memories of the students while living, studying, and traveling

    The collection of images on this site allow the visitor to share in the study abroad
    experience with the students.  A viewer can get some sense of the world through the
    students' eyes.  The photographs do not only capture a single instant or object, but an
    entire sensation.  I hope that each of you viewing this site will be able to look beyond
    the object in the image itself and engage in an exciting journey of the world through
    history, art, and photography.

    Selecting the winners was a difficult task, as more than 200 photographs were sub-
    mitted for the contest.  All of the photos were outstanding, but only the winners and
    runners-up are displayed on this site.  I would like to thank Kristen Mann and Lindsey
    Kosinski for their assistance in judging the competition.  I would also like to thank all
    of you who submitted photographs for this year's contest.  We were truly amazed by
    your talent and the overwhelming response.

    Congratulations and many thanks to all who participated.

    Chad DuPont
    Innsbruck 1999-2000

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