Benefits of Involvement

Why should students become involved with OLA?
Students gain experience working as a team, working with other clubs, working with other departments on campus. Students will also gain leadership skills while also immersing themselves in the Latin American culture at Notre Dame.  Many will eventually have the opportunity to be connected with the Latin American network of alumni who might serve as mentors and sponsors.

Students have the opportunity to work with Executive Board members (Directiva) and fellow OLA members in projects of their interest. In a team environment, students will be able to share their interests, classroom learning, and most importantly their personal experience to continually build and promote the Latin American culture at Notre Dame.

Adopting Leadership roles
Students that express great interest for OLA and Latin America may also become directly involved in the executive board or become leaders for specific projects within the club.

Students will have the opportunity to work with the Kellogg Institute, the Career Center, the Admissions Office and Alumni.

Gaining knowledge and promoting it
Through OLA, students will serve as ambassadors to our continent and expose the Latin American culture at the Notre Dame campus.