The University of Notre Dame is looking for multiple, open-rank, tenure-track faculty positions in ecology, evolution, and environmental change.  Notre Dame PalEON folks would love to have new colleagues that are interested in paleoecology, ecosystem modeling, Bayesian statistics and climate change join the department.

Apply by October 15, 2015 at: http://apply.interfolio.com/31403


Primary Investigators

Jason McLachlan (University of Notre Dame)

Michael Dietze (Boston University)

Phil Higuera (University of Montana)

Mevin Hooten (USGS and Colorado State University)

Steve Jackson (USGS and University of Arizona)

Jenn Marlon (Yale University)

Dave Moore (University of Arizona)

Chris Paciorek (University of California – Berkeley)

Neil Pederson (Harvard Forest)

Jack Williams (University of Wisconsin)


PalEON (the PaleoEcological Observatory Network) is an interdisciplinary team of paleoecologists, ecological statisticians, and ecosystem modelers. Our goal is to reconstruct forest composition, fire regime, and climate in forests across the northeastern US and Alaska over the past 2000 years and then use this to drive and validate terrestrial ecosystem models. We will develop a coherent spatiotemporal inference framework to quantify trends and extreme events in paleoecological and paleoclimatic time series. Variables such as forest composition, fire regime, and moisture balance will be inferred from corresponding paleoecological proxies, with rigorous estimates of uncertainty.


PalEON Limmerick by Steve Jackson
The PalEON nerds all went Bayesian
Their colleagues all thought they were crazy
So they crunched all the datas
And computed the Betas
The results all turned out quite amazian