Brief Summary of the 2009-2010 H1N1 Pandemic

As of May 4, 2010, 57,496 St. Joseph County residents had been vaccinated against the 2009 novel H1N1 influenza virus.  This ranks St. Joseph County as 4th in the state for the number of residents who received the vaccine.  This tremendous achievement was the direct result of efforts made by individuals representing public health, private health care, education, business, and the community as a whole.

Some of the notable endeavors during the H1N1 pandemic include the labors of the Pandemic Influenza Working Group to conduct two community summits (spring and fall, 2009), the collaboration of the American Red Cross, Medical Reserve Corps, and others with the St. Joseph County Health Department to offer mass vaccination clinics in the late fall, and the partnership of the St. Joseph County Health Department with many of the schools in the county to provide H1N1 vaccinations to students.

Citizens were reminded through the words of many community leaders and health care providers to Clean hands, Cover coughs, and Contain illness in order to prevent the virus from spreading.  Parents took the initiative to keep their ill children home from school or to stay home themselves when ill, helping to stem further infections.

Thank you to all who played a part in mitigating the spread of the virus in our communities.  Because of you, St. Joseph County is healthier!