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The following are links to information and useful tools for Schools,Colleges, and Universities to prepare for seasonal flu, a flu epidemic, or pandemic.

Educational Settings / Child Care

Friday August 7, 2009: Updated federal guidance for schools for the fall flu season, issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Thursday August 20, 2009: Higher Education Guidance -
Preparing for the Flu Communication Toolkit for Institutions of Higher Education

Colleges and Universities

Parent Information


Child Care

Know the Facts:

Additional Tools from the Indiana State Health Department

For More Information:

Pandemic Influenza Website
CDC Pandemic Influenza Toolkit:
CDC Novel H1N1 Influenza Information:
Indiana State Department of Health/Pandemic Influenza:
Indiana State Department of Health/Novel H1N1 Influenza:
St. Joseph County (IN) Health Department
For Additional Pandemic Flu Information in St. Joseph County, Call (574) 211