Pangborn Phrosh-O


Name: Kristin Ruekert, Coordinator

Hometown: Waukesha, Wisconsin

Major: Spanish, with a pre-professional supplementary major





Name: Katherine Gordon

Hometown: Bluffton, IN

Major: Potential Political Science/German






Name: Erin Wright

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Major: Theology/Poverty Studies Minor





Name: Stephanie Myers

Hometown: El Paso, TX

Major: Biology and Sociology





Name: Kayla Maple

Hometown: Concord, MA

Major: Business





Name: Lauren Fessler

Hometown: Lexington, KY

Major: Science-Business







Name: Kathleen Ryan

Hometown: Columbus, OH

Major: Arts & Letters Preprofessional/Anthropology






Name: Alesandra Mendoza

Hometown: Whittier, CA

Major: Political Science-ALPP







Name: Erica Smith

Hometown: Houston, TX

Major: Chemical Engineer





We look forward to seeing you on August 19th!