Class Information

Course Syllabus
This handout describes course topics, policies, grading scheme, TA help, etc.

Course Game Plan
This handout presents the series of application-oriented questions that will be addressed in the course.

Class Schedule
This handout presents the class schedule with due dates.

Course Calendar
This shows the course calendar with class dates and lab weeks.

Useful information on sensors and the manufacturer data sheets for the sensors used in lab

Data Acquisition Apps for Smart Devices
This lists some of the free apps that can be used to acquire data from the sensors inside smart devices.

ND-AME Light Meter
This describes the ND-AME light meter that can be used as a laboratory standard for photocell calibration.

Dr. Corona's Handouts
These are very descriptive handouts on various aspects of measurements that are well worth reading. These were written by Dr. Edmundo Corona when he was a Professor at Notre Dame.

Digital pictures of various instruments.

Information and tutorials on LaTeX.

Recommended Measurements Reading
This is a list of interesting books that I have read on various measurements-related topics. Expand your mind and read one!