Call for Submissions

The 2016 Notre Dame Student Peace Conference Committee announces this year’s conference,“Members of the Mosaic,” scheduled for April 8–9, 2016, at the University of Notre Dame.

Over the past century, violent conflicts have expanded from overarching theoretical battles to include specific and complex intergroup issues. The best way for peacebuilders to address these changing dynamics and transform conflict into a constructive force is to explore an equally diverse set of innovative solutions. For these solutions to develop, it is important to capitalize on the unique perspectives, backgrounds and experiences that each person and group brings to the process of peacebuilding. Reflecting on the distinctness and individuality of each stakeholder, we see peacebuilding illustrated as a mosaic: the combination of individuals and contributions—existing in relationship to each other—that is necessary to effectively confront modern day issues around the globe.

For many years, the Kroc Institute has worked to make peacebuilding a strategic vocation that stretches across generations and throughout all levels of society. Bringing together a diversity of perspectives, backgrounds and disciplines into meaningful relationships is a critical part of this vision. With this in mind, we invite undergraduate and graduate students to illustrate how their project, perspective, or approach influences the development of sustainable peace with each other and the environment. Students can submit paper or poster presentations, workshops, roundtable or “hot topic” discussions, panel presentations, artwork or media displays or any other innovative presentation of research that explores how peacebuilders and participants form the mosaic necessary to create a better world.

Interested students should submit a description of their project (no more than 500 words) and a short biography summarizing their academic interests and background (no more than 250 words).

Proposals can be submitted using the form at or via the submission page on this website.

The priority deadline for submissions is December 22, 2015. Proposals submitted by that date will be given preference. The final deadline for submissions is January 22, 2016.

A printable PDF version of the call for papers can be downloaded here: Call for Papers–2016.