The 2016 Committee

The Notre Dame Student Peace Conference is organized by undergraduate students from the University of Notre Dame and Saint Mary's College. They come together from a variety of academic programs to plan the conference from start to finish. You can learn more about the 2016 planning committee below.

We look forward to meeting you at the conference in April! In the meantime, local students interested in volunteering at the conference
or getting involved in future conferences can can contact the co-chairs or the conference advisor.

Conference Co-Chairs
Madeleine Witt

Madeleine Witt, Class of 2016

Management, Peace Studies

Madeleine is a senior from Denver, Colorado, majoring in business management and peace studies. This is her third year working with the conference, after two years on the publicity committee. She hopes to continue integrating her study abroad experience in Jerusalem into her work with non-profits to enhance the conference in any way possible. Though uncertain of her plans for after graduation, she intends on continuing peace advocacy work in her professional and personal life.
Tyler McGehee

Tyler McGehee, Class of 2016

Biochemistry, Peace Studies

Tyler is a senior from Mesa, Arizona, majoring in biochemistry and peace studies. His research interests lie at the intersection of peace and health and are focused primarily on healthcare distribution to Burundi refugees and the structural inequalities found in the U.S. healthcare infrastructure. After graduating, he plans to pursue a career in medicine while integrating peace and conflict studies into his work. Tyler served on the conference academic committee for two years before stepping into the role of co-chair.
Academics Committee
Leah Landry

Leah Landry, Class of 2017

Political Science, Peace Studies

Leah is a junior from Chicago, Illinois. She is studying political science and peace studies with a focus on social justice and structural violence, themes she explores as a volunteer with the Reading for Life program at the Juvenile Justice Center of St. Joseph County. She recently studied abroad in Santiago, Chile, and after graduation, she hopes to attend law school and work towards reforming the justice system. Last year, Leah served on the academic and hospitality committees for the conference.
Philip Wilson

Philip Wilson, Class of 2017

Biological Sciences, Peace Studies

Philip is a junior from Clarksburg, West Virginia, studying biology and peace studies. His interests include the relationship between peacebuilding and healthcare structures and the role of international institutions in promoting justice. After graduation, he plans to attend medical school and continue to focus on issues related to public and community health. This is Philip's first year working on the student peace conference.
Alison Lodermeier

Alison Lodermeier, Class of 2018

International Economics, Peace Studies

Ali is a sophomore from New Berlin, Wisconsin, who is studying international economics and peace studies. She is interested in studying structural violence and the intersection of peacebuilding and economic policy. She is hoping to study abroad in Dakar, Senegal, to further her studies of French and peace studies from a West African perspective. This is Ali’s first year working on the student peace conference.

Sarah Tomas-Morgan, Class of 2018

Program of Liberal Studies, Peace Studies

Sarah is a sophomore from South Bend, Indiana, studying in the Program of Liberal Studies and minoring in peace studies. She is interested in human rights and human capabilities theory, with a focus on women's rights and legal protection in the Middle East. She studied Arabic last summer in Amman, Jordan. Sarah is also a founding chair of NDVotes '16, a campaign to promote civic engagement and political discourse on campus. This is Sarah's first year working on the student peace conference.
Hospitality & Food
Emma Borne

Emma Borne, Class of 2016

Sociology, Peace Studies

Emma is a senior from Atlanta, Georgia, majoring in sociology and peace studies. Her interest in peace studies began the summer after her freshman year when she interned with a refugee resettlement program. Since then, her areas of interest have included refugee studies, displacement, and peacebuilding. She spent a semester studying in Washington, D.C., and after graduation she hopes to enter the non-profit sector. This is Emma’s first year working on the student peace conference.
Caroline Humphreys

Caroline Humphreys, Class of 2018

French, Arabic, Peace Studies

Caroline is a sophomore from southeastern Alaska. In addition to peace studies, she is studying French and Arabic, and she hopes to gain proficiency in both languages while studying abroad next year. Her interests stem from having frequently lived in East Africa while her parents worked at public hospitals, which opened her eyes to the struggle of underdeveloped nations. After graduation, Caroline hopes to attend law school, focusing on international law and human rights. This is Caroline’s first year working on the student peace conference.
Kathryne Robinson

Kathryne Robinson, Class of 2018

FTT (Television), Political Science, Peace Studies

Kathryne is a sophomore from The Bronx, New York. In addition to her peace studies minor, she is majoring both in political science and in film, television, and theater, with a concentration in television. Her interest in peace studies stems from watching her mother work with affordable and low-income housing in New York City. After graduation, Kathryne hopes to attend law school and focus on criminal law. This is her first year working on the conference.
Design & Visual
Keri O'Mara

Abbey Dankoff, Class of 2016

Graphic Design, Peace Studies, Poverty Studies

Abbey is a senior from Akron, Ohio, studying graphic design, peace studies, and poverty studies. Her interests explore the potential of visual design, the effects of systematic violence and poverty on marginalized groups, and how Catholic Social Tradition can impact understandings of peace. She spent last summer working for a community-based organization in Johannesburg, South Africa that focuses on helping local women improve their job skills and prospects. This is Abbey’s first year working on the conference.
Publicity Committee

Tess Rinaldo, Class of 2016

Arabic, Peace Studies

Tess is a senior from Buffalo, New York, studying Arabic and peace studies. Her interests include the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, nuclear disarmament and nuclear non-proliferation. Last summer she interned for the Peace Research Institute of Frankfurt, examining issues related to WMD Arms Control in the Middle East. After graduation, she hopes to return to Jordan, where she previously studied Arabic and international relations. This is Tess’s second year serving on the publicity committee.
Madeleine Paulsen

Madeleine Paulsen, Class of 2017

Political Science, Peace Studies

Madeleine is a junior from Granger, Indiana. She is majoring in political science and peace studies with specific interests in the Arab-Israeli conflict, the role of genocide in conflict, and the effects of religion in society and politics. She will be spending the spring semester studying abroad in Jerusalem. Madeleine has volunteered at the conference in past years, but this is her first year on the organizing committee.
Tess Rinaldo

Victoria Lew, Class of 2017

Political Science, Peace Studies

Tori is a junior from Yorba Linda, California. She was drawn to peace studies through her experience working against LRA violence in Central Africa, and her peace studies interests include refugee rights, genocide, and intrastate violence. This spring, Tori will be studying abroad in London and working in the British House of Commons as a parliamentary intern. She hopes to study international humanitarian law following graduation. Tori served on the Hospitality Committee for last year's conferece.