The 2014 Committee

The Notre Dame Student Peace Conference is organized by undergraduate students from the University of Notre Dame and Saint Mary's College. They come together from a variety of academic programs to plan the conference from start to finish. You can learn more about the 2014 Planning Committee below.

We look forward to meeting you in person at the conference! Local students interested in volunteering during conference can contact the co-chairs or the conference advisor.

Conference Co-Chairs
Ana Dionne-Lanier

Ana Dionne-Lanier, Class of 2014

Political Science, Peace Studies

Ana is a senior originally from Cochabamba, Bolivia, but she now calls Boston home. As a political science and peace studies major, she focuses on violent conflict, particularly occurances of genocide and mass atrocity, as well as reconciliation processes. She has previous experience working as a volunteer for the conference and has also served as the presenter liaison for the University's annual Human Development Conference.
Jimmy DeFrieze

Jimmy DeFrieze, Class of 2015

Pre-Medical Studies, Peace Studies

Jimmy is a senior from Eldridge, IA, who is now in his third year working on the Student Peace Conference. After graduating, he plans to attend medical school and hopes to combine his areas of interest in science and peace studies by specializing in infectious diseases in underserved nations. For past conferences, Jimmy volunteered as chair of the Academics Committee, and last year he organized the conference meals and refreshments.
Academics Committee
Tyler McGehee

Tyler Daniel McGehee, Class of 2016

Biochemistry, Peace Studies

Tyler is a sophomore biochemistry major from Mesa, AZ, pursuing peace studies as a minor (and hopefully soon as a major instead!). This is his first time working on the conference, but he plans to volunteer for the committee in years to follow. After graduating, he is planning to attend medical school and hopes to integrate his peace studies learning into medical relief and research both in the United States and around the world.
Lily Rodgers

Lily Rodgers, Class of 2014

Biological Sciences, Peace Studies

Lily is a senior from Edgewood, KY, majoring in biology and peace studies. This is her first time working on the student peace conference. After graduating this May, she will attend medical school and plans on pursuing a broader career in global health that integrates her passion for peace studies with her science background. Her focus within peace studies has been on reconciliation efforts in Northern Ireland.
Hospitality Committee
Connor Hayes

Connor Hayes, Class of 2016

Political Science, Peace Studies, Gender Studies

Connor is a sophomore from Pittsburgh, PA, who is helping with the student peace conference for his second year. His interests in peace studies include reconciliation of religion-fueled conflict, how women's involvmenet can positively influence the peacebuilding process, and how LGBT rights movements are affected by societal strife. LGBT rights are his most substantial passion, and on-campus he serves as one of the founding co-presidents of PrismND, Notre Dame's first LGBTQ student group.
Mia Womack

Mia Womack, Class of 2016

Political Science, Peace Studies

Mia is a sophomore from Irvine, CA, majoring in political science with a concentration in comparative politics. She has developed a strong passion for peace studies as well, and her specific interests include studying conflict zones in francophone Africa and learning more about Islam and nationalism in the Middle East. This summer she hopes to get experience working in civil mediation or with labor unions. This is Mia's first year working on the conference.
Meals & Refreshments
Alex Sun

Alex Sun, Class of 2015

Pre-Medical Studies, Peace Studies

Alex is a junior pre-medicine and peace studies major from Columbia, MO. He hopes to attend medical school following graduation, with a focus on global health and humanitarianism. As a peace studies student, his interests have centered on nonviolence resistance to authoritarian regimes. Alex was a volunteer during last year's conference and works as a student assistant at the Kroc Institute. He recently returned from studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland.
Design & Visual
Keri O'Mara

Keri O'Mara, Class of 2015

Graphic Design, Peace Studies

Keri is a junior from Albany, NY, who recently returned to campus after a summer interning in Ghana with Global Mamas and a semester abroad in Dublin, Ireland. She is studying graphic design and peace studies and has an interest in the social impact potential of art and design, particularly through fair trade initiatives in developing countries. This is Keri's second year working on the conference logo, t-shirt and other visual elements.
Publicity Committee
Deirdre Harrington

Deirdre Harrington, Class of 2015

International Economics (Spanish), Peace Studies

Deirdre is a junior from Tinley Park, IL, studying in the University's new International Economics program with a focus on Spanish-speaking economies. After a summer of working at a battered women's shelter in Los Angeles, she has also become interested in issues of women's rights and how gender intersects with conflict and peace processes. This is her first year working on the peace conference and managing its social media content.
Madeleine Witt

Madeleine Witt, Class of 2016

Management, Peace Studies

Madeleine is a sophomore from Denver, CO, majoring in business management and peace studies. This is her first year working on the conference, but she hopes to remain involved and integrate her experience abroad in Jerusalem with her interests in non-profits to enhance the conference in years to come. After graduating, she intends to work internationally for non-profits that focus on issues of human trafficking and modern slavery.
Brooke Justus

Brooke Justus, Class of 2017

First Year of Studies

Brooke is a first year student from San Diego, CA, and is currently a member of Pangborn Hall on campus. She plans on majoring in political science with a focus on international relations, and she is considering a minor in either peace studies, international development studies, or poverty studies. She is potentially interested in pursuing a career in international or human rights law.