Studia Philonica back issues

Special Offer

The forerunner of The Studia Philonica Annual was published under the title of Studia Philonica in six issues from 1972 to 1980. Further information on these issues is provided in a brief history of the Journal.

The following back issues of Studia Philonica are still available at the modest price of $10 per volume:

  • Studia Philonica, Volume VI, 1979-1980
  • Studia Philonica, Volume V, 1978
  • Studia Philonica, Volume IV, 1976-77
  • Studia Philonica, Volume III, 1974-75
  • Studia Philonica, Volume II, 1973
  • Studia Philonica, Volume I, 1972

All six volumes may be purchased for the discounted price of $50. To place an order, please complete the attached order form. Should you have any difficulties accessing this form electronically, contact Gregory E. Sterling at the University of Notre Dame.



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