Contents Volume VII, 1995

G. E. Sterling, 'Thus are Israel': Jewish Self-Definition in Alexandria 1
D. Zeller, The Life and Death of the Soul in Philo of Alexandria. The Use and Origin of a Metaphor 19
A. Terian, Inspiration and Originality: Philo's Distinctive Exclamations 56
G. Reydams-Schils, Stoicized Readings of Plato's Timaeus  in Philo of Alexandria 85
R. Srigley, Albert Camus on Philo and Gnosticism 103

Introductory Notice 107
J. Dillon, Reclaiming the Heritage of Moses: Philo's Confrontation with Greek Philosophy 108
D. Winston, Philo and the Hellenistic Jewish Encounter 124
D. T. Runia, Philo of Alexandria and the Beginnings of Christian Thought 143
G. E. Sterling, Announcement: Philo of Alexandria Commentary Series 161

A. C. Geljon and D. T. Runia, An Index locorum  to Billings 169

D. T. Runia, R. M. van den Berg, J. P. Martín, R. Radice, K.-G. Sandelin, Philo of Alexandria: an Annotated Bibliography 1992 186
Supplement: Provisional Bibliography 1993-95 214

R. Radice, G. Reale et al., Filone di Alessandria: Tutti i trattati del Commentario Allegorico. R. Radice and G. Reale, Filone di Alessandria: L'erede delle cose divine. Reviewed by David Runia 223
S. Daniel-Nataf (ed.), [Hebrew: Philo of Alexandria: Writings]: vol. 2, Exposition of the Law, Part One. Reviewed by David Satran 225
P. Graffigna, La vita contemplativa. J.-Y. Leloup, Prendre soin de l'être: Philon et les Thérapeutes d'Alexandrie. Reviewed by Jean Riaud 226
J. Menard, La Gnose de Philon d'Alexandrie. Reviewed by Jean Riaud .. 229
H.-J. Klauck, Alte Welt und neuer Glaube. Reviewed by Gregory Sterling 230
L. L. Grabbe, Judaism from Cyrus to Hadrian. Reviewed by Carl Holladay 231
W. Helleman (ed.), Hellenization Revisited: Shaping a Christian Response within the Greco-Roman World. Reviewed by David Runia 237
P. W. van der Horst, Ancient Jewish Epitaphs. Reviewed by Gregory Sterling 239
C. Lévy, Cicero Academicus. Reviewed by David Runia 241

News and Notes 243
Notes on Contributors 246
Instructions to Contributors 248




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