Contents Volume V, 1993

P. W. van der Horst, 'Thou shalt not Revile the Gods': the LXX Translation of Ex. 22:28 (27), its Background and Influence 1
N. G. Cohen, The Greek Virtues and the Mosaic Laws in Philo: an Elucidation of De Specialibus Legibus  IV 133-135 9
G. P. Carras, Dependence or Common Tradition in Philo Hypothetica  viii 6.10 - 7.20 and Josephus Contra Apionem 2.190-219 24
L. H. Feldman, Josephus' Portrait of Balaam 48
R. McL. Wilson, Philo and Gnosticism 84
D. Zeller, Notiz zu den "immerfließenden Quellen der göttlichen Wohltaten" 93

Introductory Notice 95
G. E. Sterling, Platonizing Moses: Philo and Middle Platonism 96
D. T. Runia, Was Philo a Middle Platonist? a Difficult Question Revisited 112
D. Winston, Response to Runia and Sterling 141
T. H. Tobin, S.J., Was Philo a Middle Platonist? Some suggestions 147
J. Dillon, A Response to Runia and Sterling 151

J. R. Royse, Reverse Indexes to Philonic texts in the Printed Florilegia and Collections of Fragments 156

D. T. Runia and R. Radice, Philo of Alexandria: an Annotated Bibliography 1990 180
Supplement: Provisional Bibliography 1991-93 197

F. Siegert, Philon von Alexandrien. Über die Gottesbezeichnung 'wohltätig verzehrendes Feuer' ('De Deo'): Rückübersetzung des Fragments aus dem Armenischen, deutsche Übersetzung und Kommentar. Reviewed by James Royse 208
F. Siegert, Drei hellenistisch-jüdische Predigten. Ps.-Philon, "Über Jona", "Über Jona" (Fragment) und "Über Simson", II: Kommentar nebst Beobachtungen zur hellenistischen Vorgeschichte der Bibelhermeneutik. Reviewed by Pieter W. van der Horst 219
D. M. Hay (ed.), Both Literal and Allegorical: Studies in Philo of Alexandria's Questions and Answers on Genesis and Exodus. Reviewed by Sze-kar Wan 222
G. Vermes and M. D. Goodman, The Essenes According to the Classical Sources. Reviewed by Gregory E. Sterling 227
F. Petit, La Chaîne sur la Genèse: Édition intégrale chapitres 1 à 3. Reviewed by David T. Runia 229
G. Boccaccini, Middle Judaism: Jewish Thought, 300 B.C.E. to 200 C.E. Reviewed by David Winston 233
H. Conzelmann, Gentiles-Jews-Christians: Polemics and Apologetics in the Greco-Roman Era. Reviewed by Gregory E. Sterling 238
H.-J. Klauck, (ed.), Monotheismus und Christologie. Zur Gottesfrage im hellenistischen Judentum und im Urchristentum. Reviewed by Dieter Zeller 242
News and Notes 246
Notes on Contributors 248
Instructions to Contributors 250




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