Contents Volume IV, 1992

C. K. Wong, Philo's Use of Chaldaioi 1
G. E. Sterling, Creatio Temporalis, Aeterna, vel Continua?  an analysis of the thought of Philo of Alexandria 15
A. Reinhartz, Philo On Infanticide 42
P. W. van der Horst, Two Short Notes on Josephus 59
D. T. Runia, A Note on Philo and Christian Heresy 65
A. Hilhorst, Was Philo Read by Pagans? The Statement on Heliodorus in Socrates Hist. Eccl. 5.22 75
Review article: Confronting the Augean stables: Royse's Fragmenta Spuria Philonica (D. T. Runia) 78

D. T. Runia, An Index to Cohn-Wendland's Apparatus Testimoniorum 87

D. T. Runia, R. Radice, D. Satran, Philo of Alexandria: an Annotated Bibliography 1988-89 97
Supplement: Provisional Bibliography 1990-92 117

R. Radice, D. T. Runia, Philo of Alexandria: an Annotated Bibliography 1937-1986. Reviewed by Earle Hilgert and James Royse 125
C. R. Holladay, Fragments From Hellenistic Jewish Authors. Volume II. Reviewed by Nikolaus Walter 128
V. L. Wimbush (ed.), Ascetic Behavior in Greco-Roman Antiquity: a Sourcebook. Reviewed by David Runia 133
W. Lechner-Schmidt, Wortindex der lateinisch erhalten Pseudepigraphen zum Alten Testament. Reviewed by Michael Stone 136
E. Schürer, The History of the Jewish People in the Age of Jesus Christ (175 B.C. - A.D. 135), revised and edited by Geza Vermes et al. Reviewed by James Royse 137
K. Berger, Die Weisheitsschrift aus der Kairoer Geniza; H. P. Rüger, Die Weisheitsschrift aus der Kairoer Geniza. Reviewed by Max Küchler 141
M. Hengel and A. M. Schwemer (edd.), Königsherrschaft Gottes und himmlischer Kult im Judentum, Urchristentum und in der hellenistischen Welt. Reviewed by Dieter Zeller 145
D. T. Runia, Exegesis and Philosophy Studies on Philo of Alexandria. Reviewed by Robert Berchman 146
J. Cazeaux, La trame et la chaîne, II: Le cycle de Noé dans Philon d'Alexandrie. Reviewed by Manuel Alexandre jr. 153
M. Alexandre, Argumentação retórica em Fílon de Alexandria. Reviewed by José Pablo Martín 157
R. Radice, Platonismo e Creazionismo in Filone di Alessandria. Reviewed by David Winston 159
A. Mendelson, Philo's Jewish Identity. Reviewed by Naomi Cohen 164
D. Sly, Philo's Perception of Women. Reviewed by Ross Kraemer 168
D. Zeller, Charis bei Philon und Paulus. Reviewed by David Hay 174
B. A. Pearson, Gnosticism, Judaism, and Egyptian Christianity. Reviewed by Gregory Sterling 175
News and Notes 179
Index Locorum 181
Notes on Contributors 187
Instructions to Contributors 190




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