Contents Volume III, 1991


Philo, Hellenistic Judaism and Early Christianity

Festschrift for Earle Hilgert

edited by
David T. Runia
David M. Hay
David Winston

Preface 9
C. S. Dudley and M. M. Mitchell, Earle Hilgert: Scholar, Teacher, Librarian, Administrator and Colleague 11

Part One: Biblical Exegesis in Philo

B. L. Mack, Wisdom and Apocalyptic in Philo 21
D. M. Hay, Philo's View of Himself as an Exegete: Inspired, but not Authoritative 40
R. Hamerton-Kelly, Allegory, Typology and Sacred Violence: Sacrificial Representation and the Unity of the Bible in Paul and Philo 53
J. Laporte, The High Priest in Philo of Alexandria 71
H. Weiss, Philo on the Sabbath 83

Part Two: Philo and Hellenism

D. Winston, Aspects of Philo's Linguistic Theory 109
R. Radice, Observations on the Theory of the Ideas as the Thoughts of God in Philo of Alexandria 126
M. Alexandre Jr., The Art of Periodic Composition in Philo of Alexandria 135

Part Three: Philo and Judaism

L. L. Grabbe, Philo and Aggada: a Response to B. J. Bamberger 153
J. R. Royse, Philo, Kurios, and the Tetragrammaton 167
J. Riaud, Quelques réflexions sur les Thérapeutes d'Alexandrie à la lumière de De vita Mosis II, 67 184
J. Neusner, The Mishnah's Philosophical Method: The Judaism of Hierarchical Classification in Greco-Roman Context 192

Part Four: Hellenistic Judaism and the New Testament

P. Borgen, The Sabbath Controversy in John 5:1-18 and Analogous Controversy Reflected in Philo's Writings 209
J. Cazeaux, Liberté ou mémoire: la rhétorique dans la seconde Épître de Pierre 222
D. R. Schwartz, On Some New and Old Wine in Peter's Pentecost Speech (Acts 2) 256
T. H. Tobin S.J, Romans 10:4: Christ the Goal of the Law 272

Part Five: Philo and Later Christianity

J. P. MartÍn, Philo and Augustine, De civitate Dei XIV 28 and XV: Some Preliminary Observations 283
D. T. Runia, Philo of Alexandria in Five Letters of Isidore of Pelusium 295
A. Terian, Strange Interpolations in the Text of Philo: the Case of Quaestiones in Exodum 320
A. Mendelson, Two glimpses of Philo in Modern English Literature: Works by Charles Kingsley and Francis Warner 328

Bibliography Section

D. T. Runia, R. Radice, P. Cathey, Philo of Alexandria: an Annotated Bibliography 1987-88 347
Supplement: Provisional Bibliography 1989-91 369
News and Notes 375
Notes on Contributors 377
Indices 380
Instructions to Contributors 392


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