Contents Volume II, 1990

D. Winston, Judaism and Hellenism: Hidden Tensions in Philo's Thought 1
M. B. Dick, The Ethics of the Old Greek Book of Proverbs 20
W. E. Helleman, Philo of Alexandria on Deification and Assimilation to God 51
N. G. Cohen, Agrippa I and De specialibus legibus IV 151-159 72
P. L. Shuler, Philo's Moses and Matthew's Jesus: A Comparative Study in Ancient Literature 86

Introductory Notice 105
D. T. Runia, How to Search Philo 106

D. T. Runia, R. Radice, D. Satran, Philo of Alexandria: an Annotated Bibliography 1986-87 141
Supplement: Provisional Bibliography 1988-90 170

C. Kraus Reggiani, R. Radice, G. Reale, Filone di Alessandria: La Filosofia Mosaica. Reviewed by John Dillon 177
S. Daniel-Nataf (ed.), [Hebrew: Philo of Alexandria: Writings ] vol. 1. Reviewed by David Satran 182
A. Terian, Alexander vel De ratione quam habere etiam bruta animalia (De animalibus). Reviewed by David Runia 184
R. Williamson, Jews in the Hellenistic World: Philo. Reviewed by David Hay 186
L. L. Grabbe, Etymology in Early Jewish Interpretation: The Hebrew Names in Philo. Reviewed by Richard Goulet 187
D. T. Runia, Philo of Alexandria and the Timaeus of Plato. Reviewed by Bruce Rosenstock 195
L. A. Montes-Peral, Akataleptos Theos: der unfaßbare Gott, Reviewed by Dieter Zeller 201
H. Burkhardt, Die Inspiration heiliger Schriften bei Philo von Alexandrien, Reviewed by Folker Siegert 204
T. M. Conley, Philo's Rhetoric: Studies in Style, Composition and Exegesis, Reviewed by David Runia 209
A. van den Hoek, Clement of Alexandria and his use of Philo in the Stromateis: an Early Christian reshaping of a Jewish model. Reviewed by Anita Méasson 211
C. Riedweg, Mysterienterminologie bei Platon, Philon und Klemens von Alexandrien, Reviewed by Dieter Zeller 214
P. Borgen, Philo, John and Paul: New Perspectives on Judaism and Early Christianity, Reviewed by Karl-Gustav Sandelin 217
K.-G. Sandelin, Wisdom as Nourisher: a Study of an Old Testament Theme, its Development within Early Judaism and its Impact on Early Christianity. Reviewed by Peder Borgen 220
M. J. Mulder (ed.), Mikra: Text, Translation, Reading and Interpretation of the Hebrew Bible in Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity. Reviewed by David Runia 223
News and Notes 227
Index Locorum 229
Notes on Contributors 238
Instructions to Contributors 240


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