Contents Volume I, 1989

B. L. Mack, The Studia Philonica Annual:  an uncommon Phoenix 1

J. Riaud, In memoriam Valentin Nikiprowetzky(1919-1983) 3
V. NikiprowetzkyÝ, Thèmes et traditions de la lumière chez Philon d'Alexandrie 6
J. Laporte, Sacrifice and Forgiveness in Philo of Alexandria 34
H. D. Weiss, A Schema of 'the Road' in Philo and Lucan 43
S. McKnight, De Vita Mosis  1.147: Lion Proselytes in Philo? 58
D. R. Schwartz, Philonic Anonyms of the Roman and Nazi Periods: Two Suggestions 63
D. T. Runia, Some Statistical Observations on Fifty Years of Philonic Scholarship 74
D. T. Runia, An Index locorum Philonicorum  to Völker 82

D. T. Runia, R. Radice, D. Satran, A Bibliography of Philonic Studies 1981-1986 95

Introductory notice 125
J. H. Charlesworth (ed.), The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha. Reviewed by David Hay 127
R. S. Eccles, Erwin Ramsdell Goodenough: A Personal Pilgrimage. E. S. Frerichs and J. Neusner, Goodenough on the History of Religion and on Judaism. E. R. Goodenough, Jewish Symbols in the Greco-Roman Period, abridged Edition edited with a Foreword by J. Neusner. Reviewed by David Hay 128
J. Paramelle, Philon d'Alexandrie, Questions sur la Genèse II 1-7. Reviewed by James R. Royse. 134
Y. Amir, Die hellenistische Gestalt des Judentums bei Philon von Alexandrien. Reviewed by David T. Runia 144
F. E. Greenspahn, E. Hilgert, and B. L. Mack (edd.), Nourished with Peace: Studies in Hellenistic Judaism in Memory of Samuel Sandmel. Reviewed by David T. Runia 149
A. Méasson, Du char ailé de Zeus à l'Arche d'alliance: images et mythes platoniciens chez Philon d'Alexandrie. Reviewed by David T. Runia 153
A. Caquot, M. Hadas-Lebel and J. Riaud (edd.), Hellenica et Judaica: hommage à Valentin Nikiprowetzky. Reviewed by David Winston 155
News and Notes 161
Index Locorum 163
Notes on Contributors 168
Instructions to Contributors 170


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