International Philo Bibliography Project

Each volume of The Studia Philonica Annual  contains an annotated bibliography of Philonic studies prepared by the team of the International Philo Bibliography Project convened by David T. Runia. The members of the team at the present time (2000) are:

  • D. T. Runia ( Leiden ): for scholarship written in English
  • E. Birnbaum ( Cambridge MA ): for scholarship written in English
  • A. C. Geljon ( Leiden ): for scholarship written in English and Dutch
  • H.M. Keizer ( Monza ): for scholarship written in Italian
  • J. P. Martín ( Buenos Aires ): for scholarship written in Spanish/Portugese
  • M. Niehoff ( Jerusalem ): for scholarship written in Hebrew
  • J. Riaud ( Angers ): for scholarship written in French
  • T. Seland (Volda): for scholarship written in Scandinavian languages
  • G. Schimanowski (Pliezhausen): for scholarship written in German.

For more information on these scholars see the notes on contributors for volume 21, 2009.

Each annual bibliography consists of three parts:

(1) An annotated bibliography of scholarship on Philo published in the year three years prior to publication of the volume (i.e. in 2009 the year 2006 );

(2) Annotated addenda consisting of publications of previous years that had been missed or unavailable;

(3) Provisional unannotated bibliographies of scholarship of Philo published in the three previous years prior to the publication of the volume (i.e. in 2009 publications in the years 2007, 2008, 2009 ).

Further bibliographical material on Philo can be found in:

  • R. Radice, D. T. Runia et al., Philo of Alexandria: an Annotated Bibliography 1937-1986 , Supplements to Vigiliae Christianae 8 (Leiden 1988, second edition 1992).
  • D. T. Runia, Philo of Alexandria : an Annotated Bibliography 1987-1996, Supplements to Vigiliae Christianae, Leiden 2000.

These books are available from the publisher, Brill, Leiden . The bibliography in The Studia Philonica Annual follows the same method as used in these two volumes.

For a list of the bibliographies published so far in the Annual see the Index of articles and bibliographies , under Section 2.

If scholars wish their publications to be included in the annual bibliographies, they should send a notice or preferably, a copy of their work to the convenor of the project, David T. Runia .

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