Commentary Series

In 1995 members of the Philo of Alexandria Seminar decided to initiate a series of commentaries in English on major treatises of Philo.

The name of the series is Philo of Alexandria Commentary Series (PACS).

The editorial board of the series is:

  • General Editor: Gregory E. Sterling (Notre Dame)
  • Associate Editors: Harold W. Attridge (Yale University)
  • Ellen Birnbaum (Brandeis University)
  • John Dillon (Trinity College Dublin)
  • David Hay (Coe College, Cedar Rapids)
  • Annewies van den Hoek (Harvard University)
  • Alan Mendelson (McMaster University)
  • David T. Runia (Leiden University)
  • Thomas Tobin, S.J. (Loyala University, Chicago)
  • David Winston (GTU, Berkeley)

The publisher of the series is E. J. Brill (Leiden).

The first volume of the series has just been published:
David T. Runia, Philo of Alexandria On the Creation of the Cosmos according to Moses: Translation and Commentary, Philo of Alexandria Commentary Series 1 (Leiden: E. J. Brill, 2001).

Agreements have been made with scholars to commence work on the preparation of commentaries. These initial assignments have been made on a six year basis. They will be reviewed at the end of 2001.

The Allegorical Commentary
Legum allegoriae Thomas Tobin S.J.
De sacrificiis Annewies van den Hoek
Quod deterius Adam Kamesar
De migratione Abrahami David Satran
Quis rerum divinarum heres sit David Winston

The Exposition of the Law
De vita Moysis Gregory E. Sterling
De Abrahamo John Dillon
De decalogo Hindy Najman

Apologetic Writings
De vita contemplativa David Hay
In Flaccum Pieter van der Horst
Hypothetica Gregory E. Sterling

Philosophical Writings
De aeternitate mundi Anthony A. Long

For more information about the series, including an outline of projected audience and method, the reader is referred to the announcement of the series published in The Studia Philonica Annual 7 (1995) 161-168.

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