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Recognizing the importance of adequate preparation and counsel for the undergraduate anticipating a post-graduate legal education, and sensing the need for a centralized body on campus to gather and disseminate relevant materials concerning the legal career to all interested persons, we, the undergraduates of Notre Dame, hereby establish the Notre Dame Prelaw Society.


Article I. Name

Section 1.
This organization shall be known as the Notre Dame Prelaw Society.

Article II. Membership

Section 1.
Membership will be open to all Notre Dame and Saint Mary's undergraduates who are interested in legal education.

Section 2.
Members shall be required to pay dues at the opening fall meeting; the amount shall be established by the officers on a yearly basis.

Article III. Governance

Section 1.
The executive board shall consist of five officers: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary/Newsletter Editor, and Saint Mary's Representative. Each officer is elected for a term of one year. In addition, there shall be a faculty or administrative advisor.

Section 2.
The President shall be responsible for the general conduct and growth of the Society and institute any policy reform, with the consent of the Society membership and in consultation with the faculty advisor. The President must conduct at least three general meetings of the Society per academic year.

Section 3.
The Vice-President will assist the President and succeed to the office of President during a temporary or permanent absence or vacancy.

Section 4.
The Treasurer shall be responsible for all financial transactions of the Society.

Section 5.
The Secretary/Newsletter Editor shall be responsible for all correspondence relating to the Society; maintain a list of membership; compile a newsletter to distribute to all paid and registered members of the Society. The Newsletter should be published at least once a month, or a total of four times per semester when possible.

Section 6.
The Saint Mary's Representative shall be responsible for maintaining the Society's relations with Saint Mary's; conduct the publicity at Saint Mary's; and keep the Saint Mary's members informed of all events. This Saint Mary's representative shall also be responsible for carrying out major events of the Society in conjunction with the other officers.

Section 7.
The faculty advisor shall assist and guide the officers in the administration of the Society's affairs.

Article IV. Voting

All general elections shall be done by secret ballot and conducted by the executive board. All special elections will be conducted by a specially constituted election committee. The President and/or faculty advisor shall recommend an election committee chairperson and committee members for the Society's approval.

Candidates for executive officers must be paid members of the Society and shall be nominated and seconded at a January meeting of the Society. The officers will contact all those nominated to verify their acceptance of nomination. Each nominee shall produce a short statement of their leadership objectives for the Society, to be published and distributed with ballots. General elections shall be held in late January. Only paid Society members can vote in general elections. A plurality of the vote is required to fill an office.

Article V. Amendments

The constitution may be amended by a motion presented and approved by two thirds of the members voting at a meeting, by ballot, or in a special election. The members can at any time present other motions that may be approved by a simple majority at a meeting, by ballot, or in a special election.

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