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As a community, South Bend has a lot to offer. There are many fine restaurants and bars in town, as well as many opportunities for recreation and enjoyment of the arts. This section of the website is designed to explain a bit more about South Bend and some of the things to do here. Of course, many of the events that will occur in town during the workshop have not yet been planned fully, but our hope is to give a sense of what the town offers, and what you can expect while you’re here.

Where can I find a good restaurant in South Bend ?
Like many colleges an universities, Notre Dame has some fastfood restaurants on campus. In the LaFortune student center you will find Burger King, Sbarro’s. and Starbucks. There is another coffee shop in the Hammes Bookstore, and a few more places on campus to grab lunch.

Notre Dame has two full restaurants on campus. Sorin’s is the restaurant in the Morris Inn , Notre Dame’s on campus hotel. Sorin’s serves moderately to high priced breakfast, lunch and dinner. Legend’s is the campus restaurant and bar. It has a more relaxed atmosphere than Sorin’s.

Once you venture off campus, there is a wealth of offerings. On the more expensive side, the LaSalle Grill is highly recommended, and on the more relaxed side, Fiddler’s Hearth and the Madison Oyster Bar are favorites. These barely scratch the surface. For a very detailed account of restaurants, see

How do I get around in South Bend ?
If you would like to bring your car, there will be parking available right outside your room during the summer. If, however, you do not drive, there are numerous car service companies in South Bend . We will be happy to provide information on them. Of course, all of our sessions will be held on campus, a few minute walk from the participant residences.

Are there grocery stores and drug store nearby?

Less than a half mile from campus, there is a grocery store and a drug store. The Farmer’s Market, a great South Bend institution, is open four days a week during the summer, and is a few miles away from campus.

Where is the closest Mall?
Mishawaka , Inidiana, the town next to South Bend , provides many shopping opportunities. The University Park Mall is there, as well as many chain stores familiar to all of us.

Are there direct trains to Chicago?
Chicago is an hour and a half car ride away and a twohour train ride. For schedule and fare information about the South Shore line, which is the direct train service from South Bend to Chicago , you can visit

What cultural events are there during the summer in South Bend?
During the summer months, there are many cultural events in South Bend . The Snite Art Museum on the Notre Dame campus and the South Bend Regional Art museum have quite good collections for regional museums. The Morris Performing Arts Center brings world renowned acts to South Bend , and the newly constructed Marie P. DeBartolo Performing Arts Center on campus is looking forward to its first summer of programming. The are also community theatre groups in town.

As the summer approaches, we will have more information about the Firefly Festival, the summer arts festival in South Bend , as well as celebrations for the Fourth of July.

Where can I find out about religious services?
The Office of Campus Ministry will be able to answer questions about religious services in South Bend or nearby.

How can I keep in shape while at Notre Dame?
There are two gyms on campus as well as a swimming pool and numerous playing fields. While you are on campus, you will have access to all the facilities at Notre Dame.

Where are the closest ATMs?
The are ATMs in the LaFortune Student Center as well as Decio Hall and the Library.

Where can I check my email at Notre Dame?
You will be able to use the computers in the library, and in the computer labs on campus. Also, your room will be connected to the University’s Ethernet.

Needless to say, this is a very partial list of questions that you might have before your arrival in South Bend . If there are any questions you have about South Bend and what it has to offer, please contact Scott Moringiello at Please check back at this site for additions to the list.

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