Dr. Robert C. Nelson, P.E.


Department of Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering

Center for Flow Physics and Control

University of Notre Dame

106 Hessert Laboratory for Aerospace Research

Notre Dame, Indiana 46556


Research Interests: Applied Aerodynamics, Flight Stability & Control, Aircraft Wake Dynamics, Wind Turbine Control


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e-mail: rnelson@nd.edu

The University of Notre Dame

phone: (574) 631-4733

Department of Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering

fax: (574) 631-8355

Center for Flow Physics & Control (ND FlowPAC)




Selected Research Publications:

Course Bulletin Board:

An Experimental Study of Aircraft Wake Vortex Instabilities (AIAA 2008-0363)

Introduction to Aeronautics: AME 20211

A Smart Wind Turbine Blade Using Distributed Plasma Actuators… (AIAA 2008-1312)

To access the AME 20211 bulletin board, click here.

Wavelength and Amplitude Measurement of an Unstable Wake… (ISFV13-2008-229)


Modification of the Flow Structure Over a UAV Wing… (AIAA 2007-0884)

Aerospace Dynamics: AME 40451

Visualization and Control of Fore-body Vortices (ISFV12-2006-306)

To access the AME 20211 bulletin board, click here.

Trailing Wake Vortex Encounters at Altitude (AIAA 2006-6268)


An Experimental Study of the Stability of a Four-Vortex System (AIAA 2005-4852)


Trailing Vortex Wake Hazard: Beyond Takeoff and Landing (AIAA 2004-5171)


Flow Visualization Study of Far-Field Wake Vortex Interactions (ISFV11-2004-103)


Unsteady Aerodynamics of Slender Wings… (Prog. Aero. Sci., Vol. 39)


Experimental Investigation… Planar Turbulent Wake (Phys. Fluids, Vol. 14, No. 8)