A fellowship to honor Mary Jean has been created.

On September 19, 2013, my dear mentor and friend Mary Jean Harrold passed away. Beautiful tributes are being posted online. This is one from Georgia Tech and this one is from my friend and former lab mate Hina Shah.

Updated May, 2014
Welcome to my page. I am an Assistant Professor at the CSE Department, University of Notre Dame.

My main interests are Software Engineering and Software Quality. My mission is to help shape the art and science of software construction and verification in ways that maximize productivity and reliability.

E-mail: rsanteli-at-nd. Phone 574-631-1467. Office: 350 Fitzpatrick Hall.

Publications and research: click here


Looking for undergraduate students

Lab is full now, but I could still make space for another exceptional undergraduate

Updated on August, 2013

I am looking for motivated and talented students who are passionate about software development and analysis. I am currently looking for motivated undergraduates throughout the academic year and summer interns who want a serious research experience. Strong programming skills are required.

Current research topics that I want to explore with students include, but are not limited to, analysis of source code and changes, smart instrumentation for efficient monitoring, semi-automated debugging, automated testing, software evolution, refactoring, practical software architecture, software visualization (code and executions), and software frameworks. This is a list with 3 example projects.

I am particularly interested in extending existing techniques to data-intensive applications and distributed systems.

News from the web

Updated on February, 2012

Programming Error Doomed Russian Mars Probe. Discovery News, Feb. 7, 2012 (thanks Yi "David" Wei for the link!). ``In a report to be presented to Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin on Tuesday, investigators concluded that the primary cause of the failure was a programming error which led to a simultaneous reboot of two working channels of an onboard computer''.

Software Testing Moves Higher up the IT Agenda. CTO Edge, June 21, 2011. A global survey by Capmegini and HP of 1,200 business and IT executives finds that much of the application testing being done still relies on manual processes that tend to be cumbersome and time consuming. I would add: error prone!

Bug in programming change left Dropbox user files unlocked for 4 hours. Wired.com, June 20, 2011. Another example of why testing your changes is really important!

The Great Blackout of 2003: Software Bug Contributed to Blackout and Tracking the blackout bug. SecurityFocus, 2004 (old news, but very relevant). ``A number of factors and failings came together to make the August 14th northeastern blackout the worst outage in North American history. One of them was buried in a massive piece of software compiled from four million lines of C code and running on an energy management computer in Ohio.'' (Another huge reason for testing your changes!)