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Speakers, Entertainers, & Instructors

This page is for those that wish to bring a speaker, entertainer, or instructor to campus, and may need a contract to do so. All contracts are routed through the Student Activities Office to be signed by a Student Affairs officer or staff member. Do not sign contracts yourself! We do not want you, your group, or your advisor to be held responsible for the terms of the contract. Read below to see which contract is appropriate for your event. Then, read How to Process a Contract to see what steps you need to take to get your contract and event approved.

The first thing to do, of course, is complete an SAOnline request!

If your group is interested in bring a speaker to campus to talk to your members, a contract may be necessary. If your speaker is a Notre Dame professor speaking on the area in which they teach at the University, a contract is not necessary. For all others (including unpaid speakers):

If you will be recording a speech, please speak with David Mattingly (graduate clubs), Paul Manrique (undergrad clubs) or Katelyn Mendoza (halls) as there is a waiver the speaker must sign to grant permission.

University officials: Any student or group of students, including any branch of Student Government or any student organization or club, wishing to submit an official request or proposal (other than a purely personal communication) to the President, a Vice President, a member of the Board of Trustees, or a member of any University Advisory Council, must first submit the request or proposal in writing through the Associate Vice President for Student Development to the Vice President for Student Affairs or the Vice President's delegate.

If your group has a band, DJ (approved DJ list), or other type of entertainer coming to campus, a contract will be necessary. Listed below are the two types of Standard Form Entertainment Contracts to use with entertainers. Do not use these contracts for speakers (see above).

Movie, TV and Play rights

Talk with David Mattingly (graduate clubs), Paul Manrique (undergraduate clubs) or Katelyn Mendoza (halls) asap if your group would like to show a movie or purchase the rights to perform a play or musical. Contracts and/or fees may be associated, so plan ahead!

Instructor contracts are usually for Performing Arts groups that bring dance instructors in, but could also include other instructors. CPR certification and insurance must be proved by instructor with contract. If instructing off campus (i.e. at instructor’s studio), CPR and insurance is still needed.

All other contracts
Must be routed through the Student Activities Office, and will be signed by Erin Hoffmann Harding, regardless of the amount. This includes contracts for bus companies, College Football Hall of Fame, retreat facilities, rental companies, etc.

How to Process a Contract

  1. Find the appropriate contract (see above) and fill it out with input from your Artist.
  2. Send completed contract to the Artist. NOTE: You will need to save the contract as a PDF before emailing it to the Artist. Computers with Adobe Acrobat or Windows Vista, like those in the Club Resource Center on the 3rd floor of LaFortune, have this capability.
  3. Have the Artist sign it and initial anything that was added (ss# or Federal Tax id, address, etc).
  4. Pick it up or have them fax it back to 574-631-8139. They need to fax back ALL pages, even though some pages do not include signatures (the fax date and time printed at the top must be the same for all).
  5. Contract should be received in 315 LaFortune Student Center at least 5-7 business days before the event.
  6. Take a copy of the front page of the contract to Deb Acrey in the Student Union Bookkeeper’s Office, 314C LaFortune Student Center to request payment for the Artist.
    1. It is your responsibility to do this well before the event so you can pay the Artist at the end of your event.
  7. You will be contacted when the check has arrived. Pick up the check and make sure the Artist receives it by the agreed date.

 Writing a Contract

 Many times, students are not sure how to complete a contract. Read below for some of the items to watch for. You can also refer to the sample contracts, which are listed under each of the contracts above:

Type the Contract
When completing a contract, the easiest thing to do to avoid difficult to read handwriting or two sets of handwritings is to type up the contract. Two sets of handwriting could indicate a contract has been altered after the contract was signed by the Artist. To avoid this, utilize the online PDF form contracts to type the information. Gather all pertinent information from the Artist ahead of time, including address, social security # (if you are paying them), etc., so that all the Artist needs to do is sign and date the contract.

Initial Added Items
In case the Artist does add an item to the completed typed contract, or there is a provision on the Standard Form Entertainment Contract (SFEC) on line 17, those items need to be initialed by the Artist. This ensures the Artist agrees to the additional provisions, and agrees to items added to the contract.

Outline Type of Performance
Be specific on the contract about what type of performance the Artist will complete. For example, “One 30 minute juggling performance.” Defining this activity both sets forth the type of performance, and defines the length of the performance.

Set a Flat Fee for Performance
The agreed price for performance should be a flat fee. If the Artist would like for your group to pay for travel, include this is the flat fee so that the fee is inclusive of airfare, hotel, etc., instead of reimbursing costs. If expenses are to be reimbursed, speak with David Mattingly (grad clubs), Paul Manrique (undergraduate clubs) or Katelyn Mendoza (halls) on how to incorporate these expenses into the contract. Reimbursements must be itemized and dropped off at the Student Union Bookkeeper’s Office, 314C LaFortune Student Center.

Turn Contract in 5-7 Business Days Before Event
It is extremely important contracts be turned in to SAO 5-7 business days ahead of the event. This allows ample time for the contracts to be reviewed and routed to appropriate parties. Contact SAO ahead of time so they can assist you in completing and processing the contract on time.

Return All Pages
Sometimes the Artist does not return all four pages to SAO, especially on the SFEC. It is important that, despite there being no signatures required on the 2nd and 3rd pages, that all four pages be sent back, with the fax date and time coinciding on all four pages. Contracts can be faxed to 574-631-8139.

Ask for Help!
We are here to assist you in planning your event. If you ever have questions about which contract to use, how to fill one out, etc., please do not hesitate to ask! You can contact the Student Activities Office by calling 574-631-7308.