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Student Club and Organizations Contract Info

his page is for those that wish to bring a speaker, entertainer, coach or instructor to campus, and may need a contract to do so. All contracts are routed through the Student Activities Office to be signed by a Student Affairs officer or staff member. Do not sign contracts yourself! We do not want you, your group, or your advisor to be held responsible for the terms of the contract.

Contract Information - Quck Links

Speakers Contract Template
Entertainers, Bands, Performers Contract Template
Instructor Contract

Contract Information - step by step guide.

Student registers event in SAO360

*please note that some off campus venues have master agreements with Notre Dame may not require a contract. Click here for the list of those businesses*


Student completes and fills out the contract template

Here are some helpful hints to help you complete it details regarding the event.


Student sends contract template to person / group to review and sign


Person / Group send signed contract template to the SAO


Student submit payment details to the Student Union Treasurer's Office (314 C LaFortune)

7 Student pickups check before event from Student Union Treasurer's Office
8 Student pay person / group following performance

by clicking on the number above, you will be directed to more information about that step