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Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a compilation of frequently asked questions the Student Activities Office receives regarding undergraduate student clubs.  If you have other questions you would like included, please submit them via email.  

FAQ Topics:    CRC  |  Funding  |  Financial Transactions/Bookkeeping  |  Merchandising  |  Web and Email Space  |  Registration Advisors  

What is the CRC?  
The CRC (Club Resource Center), located in room 314 of the LaFortune Student Center, is intended to foster the growth of Notre Dame's 300+ clubs and organizations.  The CRC is organized as work space for clubs while also providing  two conference tables, networked computers (three PC's ), and a free laser printer.  Club mailboxes are also located in the CRC, and should be checked weekly.  Feel free to stop by the CRC and check out everything is has to offer!   

How do I get space in the CRC/LaFortune?   
CRC storage space is allocated on an annual basis in conjunction with club/organization registration in the spring semester. Clubs interested in applying for space are encouraged to submit an application. Clubs which currently have space must reapply for their space during club registration. Please be aware that space is not guaranteed to every group which applies.  Available CRC space includes:  file cabinet drawers, and storage room space.  For more information regarding the CRC, contact Ryan Willerton.  If you have space and need keys, email the Student Activities Office.   

Can I use the laser printer?   
Yes, the laser printer is FREE for you to use for club and organizational business only.  Please use your own discretion as to the extent of its use (i.e. do not make multiple copies of documents, print 50 fliers for your club, etc.). The computers and printer are provided by the Club Coordination Council.   

Where are the club mailboxes?   
The mailboxes are located right inside the front doors of the CRC. Please be aware that mailboxes are sorted by CCC division in the following order: Academic, Athletic, Cultural, Performing Arts, Social/Service, Special Interest. Oversized mail will be placed on top of the mailboxes.

How often should I check my club's mail?   
Club mail should be checked weekly, if at all possible. New information, campus and off-campus mail are placed in your mailbox on a daily basis.  You don't want to miss anything!   


Who allocates the Student Activity Fees?   
The Financial Management Board allocates a portion of the student activity fee to the Club Coordination Council to disseminate to the University's more than 250 undergraduate clubs.  The allocations are then approved by both Financial Management Board and Council of Repesentatives.   

Can graduate clubs receive undergraduate funding?   
No.  Graduate clubs must raise their own funds, or apply for  them from their respective areas (e.g.  MBA Association, Student Bar Association, etc.)   

Is there a limit to the amount of funds my club can receive?   
No, there is no limit to the amount of funds a club can receive; however, please keep in mind that approximately $250,000 has to fund more than 230 groups.   
Can my club give a donation to a service agency?   
Yes.  Your club can make a donation to a service agency (or another club, for that matter); however, student activity fees cannot be used as donations. In order to make donations, your club must organize a fund raiser, and then only the net profits may be used as donations.   

Does my club have to charge dues/membership fees?   
If you are an undergraduate club funded through student activity fees, yes, your club must assess a membership fee. The only exception to this is if your club is a Social Service group, where dues are not required by the CCC.   

What if my club needs more money throughout the year?   
Clubs may submit appeals to the CCC for contingency funds. Please be aware that contingency funds must meet the needs of more than 230 clubs, so you may not receive as much funding as you request.  Also be aware that contingency money may be gone by January--if you know you will be incurring an expense, approach the CCC early. 

What happens to the money left over in my club's account at the end of the year?  
Money not spent in your club's account will roll over to the next year. Please be aware that the amount of "carry forward" in your account may result in a smaller funding allocation.  


Financial Transactions/Bookkeeping
How do I find out my club's account balance?  
The Student Union Bookkeeper, Student Union Treasurer or the CCC can access your account balance. The Student Union Treasurer's Office is located in the CRC. The office can assist you with any financial questions/problems you may be having with your club account.  

How do I get reimbursed?  
In order to get reimbursed for expenses for which have been budgeted, complete an Application for Funds (available outside the Student Union Treasurer's Office in the CRC). For more information, please see the Financial Management Board website. 

Can my club pay for a dinner at a restaurant?  
As long as the expenses are reasonable and have been budgeted, your club account may pay for dinner.  Please keep in mind that in order to be reimbursed, you must include an original, itemized receipt. Please remember that your University account will not reimburse for alcoholic beverages.  

Can my club have a savings or checking account at a bank?  
No. Your club must have all funds coordinated through the University. This is for your own club's benefit.  


What do I have to do if my club wants to sell printable items (e.g. t-shirts, sweatshirts or hats)?  
After you have chosen the artistic design, an SAOnline request must be completed for the Student Activities Office. The request must be filled out thoroughly and approved by your advisor before submission, and a pdf file of the chosen design must be attached to the request.  No orders can be placed until the SAOnline request has been approved by all pertinent departments.   

Can I go to any vendor to get my apparel printed?   
The Notre Dame Licensing Department has compiled a list of vendors which are approved to print Notre Dame items for student groups.  A vendor must be chosen from this list regardless of the design.  This list of approved vendors is available in The Source here.

Can my club use Notre Dame logos in our design?   
Yes.  As an officially recognized club, you are entitled to use the Notre Dame logo in an approved manner. Notre Dame Licensing will review your artwork and make any necessary changes (as well as add any copyright or trademark symbols).   

Can I incorporate the leprechaun into my design?   
Yes; however,  please be aware that the leprechaun cannot be altered (this includes different arm positions, adding items to the hands, etc.). All uses of the leprechaun must be approved.

Group Webspace and Email Accounts
How does my club get a web page?   
In order to have a club webpage, you must first obtain a Net ID account. All clubs are given a Net ID account once they are approved as official clubs. Click here for information on how to start a webpage.

Why does my Net ID password not work?   
Once a year in the Fall, OIT (working in conjunction with the Student Activities Office) will reset passwords of all student group Net ID accounts.  This is for the protection of student groups whose passwords may have been distributed among club officers. Please be aware that the sharing of passwords is a violation of the University's Responsible Use of Information Technologies at Notre Dame. If your password does not work, please contact the Student Activities Office.   

Registration/Club Officer Questions
How often do I have to register with the Student Activities Office?   
Clubs and organizations must register with the Student Activities Office on an annual basis.  This process typically occurs in the spring semester.  Please be aware that re-registration does not guarantee recognition. Click here for more information on Group Registration.

What happens if one of our officers changes?   
If one of your officers changes, please complete a Change of Officers Form, and submit it as soon as possible to the Student Activities Office.  Changes will not be recorded until the Change of Officers Form has been received.   

What if we have co-presidents?  What do we do on the registration form?   
If you have co-presidents, please insert the title of the respective officers in the appropriate place on the registration form.   

What if our advisor is difficult  to contact?  
The advisor's role is to be aware of the group's activities and be available to give advice, ideas and approval of activities. If you are having trouble getting these things from your advisor, we recommend you meet with your advisor and discuss your issues.  One of the possible solutions could be to find a co-advisor. If you are having problems, please contact the Student Activities Office.   

Can an Administrative Assistant or graduate student be an advisor?   
No. Club advisors must be full-time faculty or administrators employed by Notre Dame.  

Can my club have more than one advisor?   
Yes.  If you have more than one advisor, please be sure to notify the Student Activities Office by completing a Change of Officers Form, making sure to list the new advisor as a secondary advisor.