About NDtv
NDtv is a group, established in 2002, that started out as a rag-tag bunch of students making a rag-tag show. It was very Mighty Ducks. Only imagine if the Mighty Ducks had no team Iceland to play, but instead made a cable access show about the college they attended. What you are thinking about is exactly what it was like.

The show was divided into five segments, and at the end there was a segment called the random segment. From what I can remember, a guy with an english accent said something at the beginning of the show (which was every two weeks by the way) and then everyone on the show did NOT have english accents, which was misleading. Lance Johnson was the head of the show, and Cheryl Turski and Tony Easterland hosted it. I totally can't believe I remembered that.

Anyway, after a while NDtv got under new leadership, and decided to make NDtv into a channel. The one show was cleaved into two - NDtv News and The Mike Peterson Show. Before this time, NDtv was operating in a closet under the dining hall (and before that, in people's minds. I'm serious), and now they were in two cushy asbestos-packed rooms under the stage of Washington Hall. How many college TV stations get to have an office in a 180 year old building?

Anyways, NDtv grew and grew, blah blah blah. More shows were added. On September 20th, 2006, NDtv went on the air on the newly minted cable system, on channel 53. Ever since then, we've been making TV in the best possible way.

- Adam Fairholm, Former Executive Director