Get Involved
Interested in joining campus's premiere (only) student television broadcasting station? I'd be. Well, in fact, I was. Thus, I joined. And it was amazing. Still is amazing. Yes. Because the amazingness has yet to end.

Would you like to be party to some of this amazingness? If so, email Executive Director Caitlin Crommett at

What sort of amazing things can you do at an amazing place like NDtv? You could be a(n):

Editor, Web Designer, Crew Member, Video Switcher, Director, Producer, Programmer, Marketing Person, Advertising Person, Live Talent, Reporter, Anchor, Graphic Designer, Person who does technical things, Swing Dancer, Animal Trainer, Hypnotist, Joe Kwaczala's Makeup-Artist, or an Auctioneer.

So join NDtv today, and be part of the amazingness.

- Nick Andert, Former Executive Director