Late Night ND
Late Night ND Notre Dame's long-running late-night comedy show returns for yet another season. Featuring filmed interviews, sketches, improv, and stand-up, Late Night ND has been bothering channel-surfing Notre Dame students for over a decade. Hosted by Troy Suter.

Genres: Comedy, Talk , Talk

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Additional Content
Season 12
Bonus content:
Episode 1202
Interactive Version of "The Student Broadcast" Sketch
Watch an interactive version, with commentary, supplementary videos, and historical facts of "The Student Broadcast" to find out about which elements of the sketch were fictional and which were historical. The interactive version is available here.
News: New host announced
The host of Late Night ND's 12th season, airing in the fall of 2010, will be Tom Pesch. Tom Pesch is a junior studying business at the University of Notre Dame.

Season 11
Bonus content: Episode 1102
Identity Crisis Plays Taylor Swift's "Love Story"
This performance was not included in the broadcast version of this episode. You can watch the performance right here.
Legends Show Station ID
This station ID ("ident") aired immediately before the original broadcast of Late Night ND episode 1102. It was specially produced for this episode. You can watch it here.
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Late Night ND will next air on:
Monday, April 21, 2014 at 11:00 PM

NDtv can be found on channel 53 on the campuses of the University of Notre Dame and Saint Mary's College.

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