susan fullerton




12/16/2009    Solid polymer electrolyte research highlighted in the 2009 NIST Center for    

                      Neutron Research annual report

10/15/2009    Presented research to NSF review panel at the NIST Center for Neutron


09/15/2009    Susan starts at Notre Dame. 

08/15/2009    Penn State Graduation!

06/19/2009    Susan passes PhD defense.  Quickly masters several video games.

03/24/2009    Paper titled “Effect of LiClO4 on the Structure and Mobility of

                      PEO-Based Solid Polymer Electrolytes” is published in Macromolecules.

03/17/2009    Susan wins the 2009 Frank J. Padden Jr. Award for “Excellence in Polymer        

                      Research” at the March meeting of the American Physical Society [APS]

12/09/2011    Susan gives invited talk at the Technische Universität München,

                      Germany, on the battery project.

10/11/2011    Presented research at the ECS meeting in Boston.

09/23/2011    Our paper is featured on the cover of the Journal of Polymer

                      Science B, Polymer physics - check it out!

08/09/2011    Paper titled “Influence of thermal history and humidity on the

                      ionic conductivity of nanoparticle-filled solid polymer electrolytes

                      is published early online in the Journal of Polymer Science B.

08/05/2011    Suong Do and Dean Schaetzl complete their summer research

                      and present their posters at the Undergraduate Research


06/10/2011    Susan gives an invited talk at the ACS Central Regional meeting in the New    

                      Advances in Polymer Materials session.

05/16/2011    Dean Schaetzl (Purdue) and Suong Do (St. Mary’s/Notre Dame) join the group

                      as summer Nanoelectronic Undergraduate Research Fellows (NURF).  EE

                      graduate student, Barnali Dey, also joins the group for the summer.  All three    

                      students will be working on the battery project.  Welcome!

03/15/2011    Lindsay and Susan travel to the NCNR for neutron experiments.


12/07/2010   Susan attends the NNI National Nanotechnology Innovation Summit in DC.

12/06/2010   News article on the battery project - complete with a picture of Suong! 

                     Click here to check it out.

10/01/2010   Suong Do and Melissa Cunningham will be working on the battery project -        


09/13/2010   Susan attends the 2010 Nano-Energy Workshop at Lehigh University.

09/01/2010   Sarah completes her summer research.

06/26/2010    Presented research at the American Conference on Neutron Scattering [ACNS],    

                      Neutron Scattering for the Study of Soft Matter Tutorial, Ottawa, ON, Canada

05/03/2010    Paper titled “Structure and mobility of PEO/LiClO4 solid polymer electrolytes filled        

                      with Al2O3 nanoparticles” is published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry C.

03/30/2010    Presented research to the 2010 National Academies Panel on Neutron Research        

                      at the NIST Center for Neutron Research

03/14/2010     Attended the APS March meeting in Portland, Oregon, along with a pre-

                       conference workshop on “Opportunities in Energy Research”.

03/01/2010     Sarah Schubert is selected to receive one of NDnano’s Nanoelectronics

                       Undergraduate Research Fellowships [NURF] and will join the group in May    

                       2010.  Welcome!


11/29/2012  Fall 2012 MRS meeting, Boston:  Susan presents results of our neutron

                    reflectometry study on the effect of small-molecule drug loading on the LCST and    

                    thickness of pNIPAAm brushes.  This work was a collaboration with Lindsay Elliott,

                    Paul Bohn, Benxin Jing, Yingxi Zhu (Notre Dame), and Bulent Akgun (NCNR).

09/28/2012  Our recent paper, published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry C, shows that iron

                    oxide nanorods are more effective than spherical nanoparticles per unit volume at

                    improving Li-ion transport in polyethylene oxide.

04/10/2012  Suong was selected to receive a 2012 Vincent P. Slatt Fellowship for

                    Undergraduate Research in Energy Systems and Processes by the Notre Dame

                    Center for Sustainable Energy (cSEND).  The fellowship will support her research    

                    on the battery project.  Congratulations Suong!

02/28/2012  Dean Schaetzl, Samuel Leung and Josh Vahala are awarded 2012 Nanoelectronic

                    Undergraduate Research Fellowships (NURF) by NDnano.  This is Dean’s second

                    summer in the group, and Sam’s & Josh’s first.  Welcome!

01/22/2012   Dean’s research is featured in the South Bend Tribune


10/01/2013:  Kiersten Lieurance, a Marian High School students, joined the group.  She will be

                     making polymer electrolyte samples and electrical measurements with Erich Kinder

                     in preparation for two science fairs during spring 2014.

08/26/2013:  Erich Kinder passes both the oral and written portions of his qualifying exam! 

                     Congratulations Erich!

07/22/2013:  Huilong Xu, a Visiting Research Assistant Professor, joins the group.  Huilong will    

                     work on steep slope transistors and electrostatic doping in the LEAST center. 

                     Welcome Huilong!

06/26/2013  Susan gives two talks at the EMC conference (1) Dean’s work on aligning magnetic

                    nanorods in a solid polymer electrolyte and (2) Suong’s work on the influence of    

                    nanofiller aspect ratio on ionic conductivity in solid polymer electrolytes.

05/14/2013  New Equipment installed in the lab:  5 port MBraun gloveboxes enclosing a built-in    

                    spin coater and Bruker Icon AFM.

03/1/2013    Buchanan “Buck” Bourdon is awarded a 2013 Nanoelectronic Undergraduate    

                    Research Fellowship (NURF) by NDnano.  Welcome Buck!

02/27/2013  Our recent paper, published in Langmuir, uses Neutron Reflectometry to study

                    the loading and distribution of a small-molecule drug through a thermo-

                    responsive polymer brush (pNIPAAM).  The results have important implications

                    for applications such as drug delivery and gating.

01/17/2013  NEW FUNDING:  Center for Low Energy Systems Technology (LEAST): Notre

                    Dame to be part of $194-million university research center network focused on

                    next-generation microelectronics


                    Funding sources:  The Semiconductor Research

                    Corporation (SRC) and the Defense Advanced

                    Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

                    Check out the website!

01/15/2013  Erich Kinder, a first year graduate student in EE, joins the group and will be working on        

                    nanoionic memory as part of LEAST.  Welcome Erich!



12/05/2014:  Hao Lu passes her candidacy exam!  Congrats Hao!

11/13/2014:  In collaboration with Prof. Scott Howard (EE) and graduate student, Aamir Kahn (EE),

                     our new paper, published in RSC Advances, describes the preparation and

                     characterization of an oxygen-sensitive, nanomicelle probe used for in vivo imaging. 

09/26/2014:  Susan gives a talk to the MRSEC group at the University of Minnesota on “Field-

                     controlled ion gating for low power transistors and graphene memory.”

08/26/2014:  Dean’s paper is highlighted by NDnano - read more here!

08/18/2014:  Ke Xu has joined the group as a postdoctoral scholar.  He will work on ion-doping for

                     low power electronics.  Welcome Ke!

08/01/2014:  Katie O’Neill and Buck Bourdon present posters describing their summer research at

                     Notre Dame’s Undergraduate Research Symposium.  Check out some photos here.

07/18/2014:  Our new paper titled “Magnetic Alignment of Gamma (Core)–Alpha (Shell) Fe2O3

                     Nanorods in a Solid Polymer Electrolyte for Li-Ion Batteries,” addresses the impact of

                     nanorod alignment on the structure and ion transport of a solid polymer electrolyte. 

                     The results show that alignment has a huge impact on the crystalline structure of the

                     electrolyte, but ion transport is not significantly affected. Interestingly, electrolytes with

                     the largest fraction of crystalline (PEO)6:LiClO4 also have the highest conductivity.  The

                     paper is published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 

07/11/2014:   New funding from the NSF:  “GOALI: A low-voltage nonvolatile single transistor flash

                      memory device based on ion transport in 2D electrolytes

                      Susan Fullerton (PI), Alan Seabaugh (co-PI)

                      Read the news story here.

06/15/2014:  Sandhya Vasudevan, a first year EE graduate student, has joined the group and will be

                      working on the battery project.  Welcome Sandhya!

05/27/2014:  Katie O’Neill and Buck Bourdon join the group as 2014 Nanoelectronic

                     Undergraduate Research Fellows (NURF).  Buck, co-advised with Alan

                     Seabaugh, will continue the COMSOL modeling that he started during summer

                     2013 as NURF, and Katie will work on 2D electrolytes for ion-graphene

                     memory.  Katie joins us from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.  Welcome!

05/14/2014:  Susan presented Dean Schaetzl’s recent work on aligning magnetic nanorods in

                     solid polymer electrolytes at the spring meeting of the Electrochemical Society


05/12/2014: Three conference presentations were given by the Fullerton group on the same

                    day in two countries!  Erich Kinder gave two talks at the ECS Spring meeting in   

                    Orlando, FL.  One talk covered his work on Li intercalation in a 2D MoS2 FET, and

                    the other talk covered his work on ion-graphene memory.  Meanwhile, in

                    Montpellier, France, Huilong Xu presented his work on the reconfigurable ion    

                    doping of MoTe2 at ISCS as part of Compound Semiconductor Week 2014. 

05/07/2014:  Fullerton gives Starnet Accel eWorshop on “Field-controlled ion doping of transition

                     metal dichalcogenide FETs and two-dimensional ion-graphene memory

04/04/2014:  A visit with researchers from Tyndall National Institute in Cork, Ireland: 

                     Irish Eyes Are Smiling at Expanded Opportunities of Collaboration

03/14/2014:  Filed patent on 2D ion memory.  “Fullerton-Shirey, S.K.; Seabaugh, A.C. Single    

                     transistor random access memory using ion storage in two-dimensional crystals"

                     Serial No.: 14/213,310.

02/26/2014: New Funding from the Center for Sustainable Energy at Notre Dame (cSEND) to

                    study new polymer electrolytes for Li-ion batteries.

                    PIs:  Elaine Zhu (ChE), Haifeng Gao (Chem), Susan Fullerton (EE)

01/20/2014:  Nanoelectronics Undergraduate Research Fellowship (NURF) applications are

                     being accepted for Summer 2014.  Check out the opportunity in the Fullerton lab



06/01/2015:   Ashley Fuller and Eddie Hunckler join the group as summer undergraduate

                      researchers.  Ashley is supported by NDnano’s NURF program and will be working on

                      measuring the thermal properties of polymer electrolytes.  Eddie is supported by an

                      NSF REU and is working on cleaning graphene FETs.  Welcome to the lab!

05/12/2015:  Erich Kinder gives a poster on his high Tg electrolyte at the INC11 conference in

                     Japan!  He was supported by an NSF travel grant.

05/11/2105:  Susan gives an invited talk at the University of California, Riverside - Department of

                     Electrical and Computer Engineering.

04/15/2015:  Open Access Publication:  Huilong’s paper on electrolyte-gated MoTe2 is

                      published with open access in ACS nano.

                      [Download PDF:  2015_ACS_nano_Electrolyte_gated_MoTe2.pdf]. 

                      We show reconfigurable p- and n-type gating, ON/OFF ratios of 5 decades, and a p-n

                      junction.  Download above or check it out on the ACS website!

04/29/2015:  Lab News: The Fullerton lab will be moving to the University of Pittsburgh, Department

                     of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, starting Fall 2015.  Check out the press

                     release on Pitt’s website and Pittsburgh Business Times.  Looking forward to some

                     exciting times in the Burgh!

04/23/2015:  Susan presents a poster on our ion memory project at the joint US-EU Workshop on 2D

                     Materials and Devices in Arlington, VA.

03/02/2015  Erich and Huamin present papers at the March APS meeting in San Antonio, TX.

01/21/2015:  Erich Kinder wins 3rd place prize at the IEEE mini-symposium on Electron Devices and

                     Photonics held at Notre Dame.  Congrats Erich! Thank you to our industry judges from

                     ThorLabs, BP, IBM, Raytheon and International Rectifier.