Summer 2011:  Is Dean working on his research.....or pretending to be a disc jockey?

Summer 2011:  Suong and Dean presenting their posters at the undergraduate research conference

Fullerton group, Summer 2011:  Barnali Dey, Susan Fullerton, Suong Do, Dean Schaetzl

Summer 2012:  Busy days in SR B14!

2012 Susan Fullerton, Suong Do, Dean Schaetzl, Ziqi Zhang, Josh Vahala, Sam Leung, Alan Seabaugh

Fall 2012, Celebration at Rocco’s

Summer 2013, Rafting at the East Race (Alan Seabaugh, Susan Fullerton, Sara Fathipour, Genevieve Vigil)

Summer 2013, Dinner at Zing Japanese Fusion (Alan Seabaugh, Andrew Marshall, Joel Schulman, Debdeep Jena, Susan Fullerton, Grace Xing)

Summer 2013, Buck’s poster presentation at the 2013 Undergraduate Research Conference (Susan Fullerton, Buck Bourdon, Hao Lu, Erich Kinder.)

Alan and Sara examine the new Cascade vacuum probe station (September 2013)

Group discussion in SR B14 (September 2013)

Huilong discusses a device with one of our visitors (September 28th, 2013)

Erich demonstrates the Bruker Icon AFM inside the MBraun glovebox during a lab tour (September 28th, 2013)


Heidi Deethardt’s birthday celebration - December 9th, 2013

Suong Do’s graduation, May 2013

Notre Dame’s LEAST (Low Energy Systems Technology) group, December, 2013

Fullerton group, Summer 2013:  Buchanan Bourdon, Susan Fullerton, Dean Schaetzl, Huilong Xu, Erich Kinder, Sam Leung

Summer 2014:  Buck Bourdon presents the results of his summer research.  He modeled ion transport for electrostatic doping of 2D FETs.

Summer 2014:  Susan Fullerton, Katie O’Neill, and Hao Lu.  Katie presented her summer research results on the deposition and characterization of a 2D electrolyte on HOPG.

Fullerton group, Summer 2014:  Katie O’Neill, Buchanan Bourdon, Susan Fullerton, Erich Kinder, Sandhya Vasudevan, Huilong Xu

Erich Kinder and Huamin Li give presentations at the 2015 Spring APS meeting in San Antonio, TX.