William J. and Dorothy K. O'Neill Associate Professor of Philosophy
University of Notre Dame

I’m a philosopher by training (Yale) and trade (Notre Dame). The main purpose of this site is to provide an easy way to disseminate my work. Comments on anything are welcomed, so long as they don’t begin with insults. (Save those for your conclusion.) Under research, you’ll find information regarding my larger on-going projects and research interests. Under teaching, I have posted course descriptions for some of my classes. (If you’re a Notre Dame student looking for actual course material, click here.)


When not working or spending time with my wife and two daughters, I enjoy reading, cheering on the Mets (generally a dismal affair), listening to Bruce Springsteen, playing tennis, golf, rollerblading, and swinging kettlebells. Sadly, some of these activities are tough to do year-round in northern Indiana, so I also enjoy getting back down to Florida, where I grew up, as often as I can.