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Indiana Campus Compact

2013 Service Engagement Award Winners


For 20 years, Indiana Campus Compact (ICC) has helped member institutions mobilize students state-wide to communities in need. ICC advances the public purpose of colleges and universities by deepening their ability to improve community life and educate students for civic and social responsibility. This work is accomplished at many levels by engaging faculty, staff, students, university administrators, and community partners in this work. In 2012, ICC supported nearly 50,000 individuals through grant programs, professional development opportunities, resources, and networking.



Community Service Director

Annie Cahill Kelly

Center for Social Concerns

University of Notre Dame

Annie works as the director of Community Partnerships at the Center for Social Concerns on Notre Dame’s campus. As her title suggests, she works with students, faculty, and community partners to facilitate a collaboration between campus and community. What may not be obvious from her title, is the depth of understanding she brings to her work or the joy she takes from the fact that her work is all about people and connecting them to each other with respect and goodwill. The honest, reciprocal connections she facilitates bring about a true learning experience for students community partners who both benefit from each other’s passion and knowledge. Annie says “Successful partnerships that honor all members thrive on meeting both the learning goals and objectives of the students as well as the needs and interests of the community partner. It is simultaneously humbling and enthralling to witness the transformative effects of partnerships that arise from honest conversations regarding individual interests that then become mutual interests.” One of the programs Annie has implemented in her 13 years with the Center is the Community-Based Learning Coordinator (CBLC) model which trains agency partners to be part of students’ education and to ensure reciprocity in the partnership. One of the CBL Coordinators, Michelle Peters, Director of Outreach Services, Saint Joseph Medical Centers, has this to say about Annie “She is kind, intelligent, patient, and a joy to work with. She does a great job of lifting us up and knowing what our strengths are while allowing us to flourish.




Richard J. Wood Student Community Commitment Award

Jon Schommer

University of Notre Dame

Whether he’s leading students in week long service retreats in West Virginia or serving with Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity in Kolkata, India, Jon is living a life of commitment and action. Through his capacity of co-president of the Catholic Peace Fellowship, he was able to assist in the creation of the Coalition for Human Dignity. Jon says “We brought together groups of students from both ends of the political spectrum in order to learn from their unique perspectives and encourage each other to work for human dignity and peace. For me, this was a way to promote peace in the community closest to me. In raising up respect for human dignity, we were recognizing the root motivation of all the work we were doing.” Jon is forming reading and dialogue circles with other Notre Dame campus groups concerned with the dignity of life. During his leadership of the Catholic Peace Fellowship he has created a network of current Notre Dame students, alumni, and community partners to form the Notre Dame Peace Net. Jon has spent his college career learning from service and reflection - and he has most certainly put what he learned into action. “In doing service, I was serving my learning.” Jon goes on to say “This coupling of reading and giving myself fertilized those seeds of civic duty and served as a sign post to mark the right path on my journey.”




Outstanding Community Partner

La Casa de Amistad

South Bend, Indiana

The mission of La Casa de Amistad is to empower the Latino/Hispanic community within Michiana by providing educational, cultural, and advocacy services in a welcoming, bilingual environment. The partnership that La Casa de Amistad has created with staff, faculty, and student at the University of Notre Dame is one of the key reasons the mission is being fulfilled. The partnerships with multiple departments across the University of Notre Dame, Saint Mary’s College, and Indiana University South Bend shows true collaboration and has allowed for tremendous growth. The community partners at La Casa de Amistad have fully embraced the idea of community as classroom - they are true co-educators. Marisel Moreno, Assistant Professor, Romance Languages and Literatures, University of Notre Dame, describes the impact the partnership has had on her students and her, “Teaching service learning courses partnered with La Casa has altered the way I look at teaching and I also know that working with the children at La Casa has been a life changing experience for my students. I believe that is because of our understanding that this is a mutual and balanced relationship where each side performs an equally important task. The last three years have given us, both my classes and La Casa, amazing opportunities for growth and development - precisely what a community partner should provide.”


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