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Postgraduate Service Opportunities

We at the Center for Social Concerns invite you to explore the possibilities of committing to a post-graduate service program. Each year, approximately 10% of Notre Dame's graduating class commits to one or more years of full-time service in the United States and abroad. We find much hope working with students and alumni/alumnae who make this commitment and want to help to make it a positive and worthwhile experience for everyone—the participants and the service organizations.

This site includes resources about programs, reflections from returned volunteers, and listings of events offered to assist students with postgraduate service decisions.

Deciding what to do after graduation is often a daunting experience. A year or two of full-time service can be a wonderful way to put your faith, values, education, and experiences to work with those in need. It is not "a year off," it is hard work with populations who have great needs. You will likely be much more prepared for graduate, law, or medical school and employment after this time of service.

For more information contact or 574-631-5779.


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