NACUBO Benchmarking Project

The National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO) has developed a benchmarking project that addresses selected areas within a higher education entity. The University is participating in the 1997 NACUBO Benchmarking process. For the departments that are included, the survey is available from this web page by following the directions below. The results should be compiled and saved in electronic format and forwarded to Ed Hums in Special Projects when completed. The departments as defined by NACUBO that have a presence at Notre Dame are listed below. Additionally, Telecommunications, which is defined with Computing, and Student Housing, partially Business Operations and Student Affairs, may also be of some interest for our survey.

Departments involved with the 1997 NACUBO Benchmarking Project at Notre Dame may access their data collection screens by clicking upon the icon This will download a setup program for data collection. Follow the instructions to initiate the files. Contact Ed Hums for any questions. Thanks.

Sterling Research Group, Inc. of St.Petersburg, Florida is compiling the data for NACUBO. Further information is available from their home page by clicking upon the icon. After entering Sterling's web site, select Higher Education and the Benchmarking. Admission is restricted to individuals involved in the 1997 Benchmarking Program. Ed Hums will provide user names and passwords upon request.

Although the NACUBO survey is well done, it should be viewed be viewed as one phase of statistic gathering by departments. Other data sources that are of value should be included in the department's benchmarking report.

NACUBO presents a well developed web site for both benchmarking and the organization as a whole. The following links are made available to you.

NACUBO Home Page

NACUBO Benchmarking Information