Salma Saddawi Ph. D.

Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

University of Notre Dame

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Warsaw University of Technology





Fixed Bed Catalytic Reactor

Fermentation (Kinetics of yeast growth and production)

Batch Reactor

Cooling Tower

Cooling Tower - Psychrometric chart

Cooling Tower PowerPoint

 Batch Reactor Lecture

Coupled Tanks Level Control

Double Pipe Heat Exchanger (Simulation program)

Power Point Slideshow of the University of Notre Dame Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Laboratories


CBE 459 - Chemical Engineering Laboratory II


CBE 31358 Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Laboratory I



 Flow in Pipes

 Heat transfer in Double Pipe Heat Exchanger

Diffusion Coefficients and solubility of Carbon Dioxide in Stoddard at different temperatures

Unsteady Heat Transfer

Natural Heat Convection and Radiation

Liquid Viscosities

Leaching Rate Measurement of Phosphate Rock in 2%25 Citric Acid


CBE 499 - Undergraduate Research in Environmental Bioengineering        



University of Notre Dame


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