• Founded: 1957
  • Colors: Green and Gold
  • Mascot: Griffin
  • Location: North Quad
  • Signature Event: Benefit Bash
  • Distance to Dining Hall: 1 minute
  • Awesomeness: 300%


A proud member of the Notre Dame campus for over 50 years, Stanford Hall was jointly contructed in 1957 with neighbor dorm Keenan Hall with a gift from trustee Grattan T. Stanford, class of 1904. Stanford is located at the corner of beautiful North Quad and currently houses over 270 men. Stanford was named Hall of the Year in 2006, and won the Interhall Athletics Cup in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, and 2006. Stanford Hall's official mascot is the Griffin, chosen in honor of Father Robert Griffin, CSC. Mr. Stephan Johnson is the current rector.

Stanford is blessed with the handsome Chapel of the Holy Cross that contains a series of exquisite stained-glass windows featuring various types of crosses. The Stanford-Keenan Chapel also holds one of Notre Dame's finest icons, a magnificent crucifix made by famed sculptor Ivan Mestrovic. Once a professor at Notre Dame, Mestrovik caved the 13-foot mahogany crucifix exclusively for the chapel in 1957. It remains a proud feature of the Chapel of the Holy Cross and of Stanford Hall to this day.  Stanford Hall underwent extensive renovation in the summer of 2010.

Stanford Hall's signature event is the Benefit Bash. Held in the spring, this day long event features multiple live bands, a giant whiffleball tournament, a grilling cook-off, and a great time for all involved. Proceeds benifit an orphanage in Chile. Also notable is the fall Pirate Dance where Stanford Hall members put on their best peg-leg and dance the night away with some pirate gals. Stanford Hall is also actively involved in service, athletics, and community events.