Summer 2000 Fun Pix
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Professor Jim Phillips teaches the fine art of smokin' a hubbly-bubbly.
Group shot on an abandoned tank behind the monastery of Gerasimus.
In repository of Iron Age tomb complex on the École grounds with Professor Gaby Barkay.
Christin Engstrom and Patrick O'Donnell working with Byzantine remains in the École Biblique laboratory.
Kelly Jordan and Christin Engstrom descending into Byzantine tomb on the grounds of the École Biblique.
On the shore of the Mediterranean near Caesarea with Professor Haak.
Professor John Spenser and Patrick O'Donnell discuss aspects of regional history.
At Tel Rehov excavations with Robert Mullins.
Overlook of Old City from Mount of Olives with Professor Driscoll.
At Tabun Cave entrance with Professor James Phillips.

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