Summer 2000 Fun Pix
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Listening to the Armenian Patriarch describe "the most wonderful mosaic in all the Holy Land."
'Boys in the Hood' -- (l-r):  Patrick O'Donnell, Jerremy Ramp, Yorke Rowan, Sam Jones.
Kelly Jordan with nargila.
Jerremy Ramp, dressed for success.
Farewell dinner at Nafoura restaurant in Jerusalem's Old City.
Jerremy Ramp and Jaime Ullinger take a break on the Wadi Kelt "death march."
Christin Engstrom and Jerremy Ramp express their true feelings for each other.
Professors Spencer, Driscoll, (John) Collins, Phillips, Haak, and Sheridan at Herodium.
Patrick O'Donnell smokin' a nargila.
Prof. Haak, Jaime Ullinger and Christin Engstrom at Ein Farah.  Jerremy Ramp in the 'box seats.'
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