Math 60330

Basic Geometry and Topology

Fall Semester, 2010

General Information

Text: There is no required textbook. Here are notes for the point set topology part of the course (covering the first fives lectures). See the syllabus for information about additional references. There are some books for the course on the reference shelf of the math library.


Grades: Grades will be based on a total of 450 points, distributed as follows:
        Midterm Exam 	- 100 points;
        Final  Exam 	- 150 points;
        Quizzes 	- 100 points;
        Homework 	- 100 points;

Exams: The midterm as well as the final exam will both consist of two parts: a take-home and an in-class part, each worth half of the total points. The in-class part, similar to the quizzes, is about definitions and theorems, possibly requiring some basic calculations, but involving no proofs. The take-home part, similar to homework problems, will involve more extensive calculations and proofs.

Homework: Homework is an integral part of the course. You are permitted, in fact encouraged, to work together and help one another with homework, although what you turn in should be written by you. Providing detailed arguments in your homework is important, since learning how to write mathematics in a rigorous and yet concise and readable way is an essential part of graduate school in mathematics. Homework problems will be posted on the course web-page and will be due on a to be determined day each week. After the due date I will provide a detailed solution to each homework set online.

Pre/post lecture preparation: As with most math classes, the material in one class often depends heavily on stuff covered in previous classes. Hence it is a good idea to look over your notes before the next class. I'm very happy to discuss questions concerning the material of previous classes at the beginning of each class.

Quizzes: There will be weekly quizzes on a to be determined day of the week testing basic understanding of definitions and theorems.

Course website: