Institute for Educational Initiatives: Strategic Plan

Moral Education in the I.E.I

The Institute for Educational Initiatives Notre Dame now has the largest contingent of well-respected scholars in moral development and education of any university in the world. The scholars come from the fields of psychology, sociology, and education and are based in various campus centers and departments. The presence of these scholars well as the unprecedented interest in and support for character education at all levels of government presents Notre Dame with a window of opportunity to meet an accelerating need for research and graduate education in moral development and education.

Notre Dame can and should become the international leader in the field of moral education by establishing moral education as a program area within the IEI in the coming academic year (2002-2003), by supporting this Program with a Program Coordinator and Administrative Assistant in the following year (2003-2004), and adding a faculty member either in 2003-2004 or the next year (2004-2005). We also propose that the I.E.I. take steps to develop graduate programs at the masters and doctoral levels in moral development and education over the next three years. All of these steps presuppose the development of the IEI as an academic and administrative unit with its own faculty and graduate programs. This will allow for the hiring of its own faculty to conduct research and to serve the needs of graduate students. Graduates of the program are urgently needed nationally and internationally as faculty within schools and departments of Education, research directors in state departments and school corporations, principals, assistant principals, and athletic directors in elementary and high schools, and coaches and teachers in schools. The program would attract students from around the world and place Notre Dame at the center of cutting edge research and scholarship in moral development.

Rationale in Light of Notre Dame's Mission

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