Information Technology: Strategic Plan

Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: To provide a robust and highly reliable technology infrastructure that supports the University of Notre Dame's teaching, research, community service, and administrative activities.

The technology infrastructure includes the physical wiring and connectivity to the campus network, the central core servers that control the network, an e-mail platform, Web services, portal services, content management, data and file storage, access to the Internet, remote access to the Notre Dame network, and all the other resources and functions that are expected to be part of the technology environment at a premier university.

Objective 1.1 To put in place the metrics needed to monitor the availability and reliability of the infrastructure.

Objective 1.2 To provide a 24/7, high-speed on-campus network that extends to all buildings, and to all offices, teaching spaces, learning spaces, and research facilities within those buildings using approved standards and virus protection procedures.

Objective 1.3 To provide reliable, secure, and high-speed access to campus networked resources from off campus.

Objective 1.4 To provide multiple links between Notre Dame and the Internet at a capacity sufficient to meet the University's needs.

Objective 1.5 To provide network connections between Notre Dame and other major research universities and institutions at a capacity to support high-level research.

Objective 1.6 To provide appropriate security, privacy, intrusion prevention, and authentication services.

Objective 1.7 To maintain secure, high-performance e-mail and Web platforms.

Objective 1.8 To maintain data and file storage that is accessible from anywhere on the network, and that is fast and reliable when accessed from any end-user platform, including Windows, Macintosh, Unix, and Linux.

Objective 1.9 To provide network-based backup of data from faculty and staff desktops.

Objective 1.10 To establish and support a minimum, baseline hardware and software standards for all members of the campus community.

Objective 1.11 To develop Service Level Agreements (SLA) concerning infrastructure services with all users.

Objective 1.12 To engage in research and development for newly developed and/or newly applicable technologies.

Objective 1.13 To streamline the creation of Web content, personalize communication, and manage the Notre Dame brand.

Objective 1.14 To implement an enterprise-wide content management system that will serve as the single source for the development and delivery of Notre Dame Web content.

Objective 1.15 To launch a University Web portal that provides University community members personalized and customized access to information and services.

Objective 1.16 To deliver additional online services through a single sign-on digital campus network.

Goal 2: To develop a responsive governance structure for the OIT that promotes accountability, communication, and collaboration, both within OIT and with all sectors of the University community.

Objective 2.1 To make the information about the availability and reliability of the IT infrastructure available to the community on a regular basis.

Objective 2.2 To develop IT policies and processes in collaboration with the user community.

Objective 2.3 To establish a Faculty Advisory Board which will take a substantive role in shaping educational and research IT policies.

Objective 2.4 To assist the colleges in developing faculty-based internal committees.

Objective 2.5 To have reliable, steady, and open communication channels.

Objective 2.6 To administer user surveys on a regular basis and to take corrective action for any service area rating that falls below a certain threshold.

Goal 3: To develop a support model and technical infrastructure that strikes the appropriate balance between central and decentralized support and satisfies the diverse needs of the University.

Objective 3.1 To maintain a Help Desk that is truly useful to users and can handle most inquiries immediately, without the need for referral or call-back.

Objective 3.2 To provide training and documentation that continually raises the ability level of the ND community users so that they have less need for the Help Desk.

Objective 3.3 To determine an appropriate support model for the campus clusters that takes into account the different needs, resources, missions, and personalities of each of the colleges.

Objective 3.4 To collaborate closely with the IT support staff in the colleges.

Objective 3.5 To structure OIT services to promote a distributed, not a decentralized approach.

Objective 3.6 To work with the College of Arts & Letters to establish a Center for Creative Computing.

Objective 3.7 To work closely with expert user groups on specialized technical areas such as Linux, system administration, and high-performance computing.

Objective 3.8 To provide services and training that is directed toward user independence and for self-service.

Goal 4: To provide leadership in the creative application of information technologies to enhance teaching and learning outcomes.

Objective 4.1 To define Notre Dame's goals for instructional technology use, in collaboration with the faculty.

Objective 4.2 To clarify the relationship among the OIT, Kaneb, and the Library in providing faculty support.

Objective 4.3 To work with the TLTR to provide incentives and assistance for faculty to explore technology applications.

Objective 4.4 To work with a faculty-based committee to develop an improvement plan for DeBartolo.

Objective 4.5 To make all classrooms at Notre Dame, including those outside of DeBartolo, be "smart" classrooms. Excluding certain areas by policy, such as seminar rooms.

Objective 4.6 To work with the TLTR and the Faculty Advisory Board to explore the use of television in instruction.

Objective 4.7 To work with the TLTR and the Faculty Advisory Board to determine the pros and cons of mandatory computer ownership for students.

Objective 4.8 To develop and implement a campus wireless strategy.

Objective 4.9 To determine specific responses to distance education imperatives.

Objective 4.10 To provide a range of collaboration tools, beyond WebCT.

Goal 5: To utilize information technology to provide competitive advantage for University researchers in both acquiring support and carrying out their projects.

Objective 5.1 To provide a world-class environment for the support of research, comparable to that at the research universities that Notre Dame aspires to compete with.

Objective 5.2 To provide a computing environment designed to meet the advanced computational and educational needs of faculty and other researchers.

Objective 5.3 To continue to participate in the Internet2 consortium to provide the connection to national and international researchers.

Goal 6: To provide superior administrative information system technologies that will permit the implementation of the most cost-effective administration, the best services to those the University serves, and the best exploitation of the University's information resources for planning and decision making.

A five-year project has recently begun to replace the four core systems of the University. Project Renovare will address:

  • the Student/Faculty Information System;
  • the Financial System;
  • the Human Resources/Payroll System; and
  • the Development System
as well as a number of ancillary systems such as Student Housing and Health Services.

Under the direction of a Steering Committee, co-chaired by the Provost and the Executive Vice President and including senior academic and administrative leadership from across campus, the project is being planned and administered through ten subcommittees covering all administrative applications.

Further information, including a document outlining "Guiding Principles," a timeline, status reports, and committee meeting minutes, can be found at:

Goal 7: To foster superb OIT and University IT Professionals.

Objective 7.1 To ensure that the University has and retains the quantity and quality of staff to meet the goals and objectives as laid out in this document.

Objective 7.2 To institute a recognition program for OIT staff.

Objective 7.3 To create an individualized professional development program for each member of the OIT staff.

Objective 7.4 To create an organizational effectiveness program for the OIT that promotes quality and service to the user community.

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