Office of Human Resources: Strategic Plan

Executive Summary

The Office of Human Resources is committed to providing high quality services and programs to faculty and staff of the University of Notre Dame in support of the University's mission, values, and long-term objectives. We have identified five strategic initiatives that will guide, direct, and focus our attention in areas that will move the department and the University to higher levels of achievement over the coming decade.

Human Resources is committed to maintain and enhance a work environment that serves to attract and engage a highly qualified and diverse workforce. This will be accomplished in part by offering excellent benefit and compensation packages and by operating within creative, employee-energizing policies and practices. We will develop systems that support a culture rich in diversity and one that encourages open communication and a strong commitment to the University's Catholic mission and values. As a result, the University will gain a competitive advantage when recruiting for highly trained and talented individuals.

Human Resources will advocate for humane, healthy, and competent staff members who lead by exalting the value of human dignity and achieving high levels of success. We will meet this goal by developing and supporting policies and practices that allow staff to flourish within the University environment. We will seek ways to demonstrate a positive balance between work and family life. We will develop employee reward and recognition programs to inspire excellent performance and to celebrate achievements.

Staff and administrators will have more opportunities for education and professional development that will expand and improve the University's capabilities and capacity. By offering more training programs and expert advice in areas such as leadership development and change management, Human Resources will build upon the excellence already present among University staff and administrators. We will target specific needs of the University and develop best practices and leading edge techniques that will improve the skills, abilities, and knowledge of staff and administrators.

Human Resources will make a significant impact on administrative processes enabled in part through new or enhanced use of technology and improved business processes. We will actively support and participate in the implementation of an integrated software solution, which will increase the University's ability to improve operations and work flow. We will review business processes across functional specialties in an effort to streamline methods for salary administration, employment, benefits, and services to faculty and staff. With the new and improved technological applications, Human Resources will provide greater accessibility and improved institutional wide reporting.

The success of Human Resources goes beyond campus boundaries. To advance the mission of the University, we will develop new or improved partnerships, alliances, and entrepreneurial initiatives. We will explore funding opportunities with various internal and external entities to promote human resource initiatives and the educational mission of the University.

The new model for Human Resources shifts the role of staff from conducting execution-oriented type initiatives to spending more time on consultative/developmental type initiatives. The role of Human Resources is being transformed from a largely transactional-based service organization to a strategic entity directly supporting, in significant ways, the goals and aspirations of the University. The Strategic Plan for 2002-2012 supports this new model, which is detailed in the following pages.

Mission of Human Resources

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