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Current News:

I've redesigned the website (got tired of changing the look every three months — how did I ever think that was a good idea?!), reorganizing it somewhat in the process.

In other news, we're building a house! Okay, we're not building it — but it's being built and once it's completed it will be ours and we're pretty darn excited about it. ;-) I've created a sub-site for those curious to follow the construction progress.

As always, there are occasional updates to Mairi's web site as well. She's a whole year old, and making steady progress towards figuring out this walking thing.

General Information:

This is a site dedicated to the things which I am interested in, pure and simple. Whether you share in any of these interests or not, I hope you enjoy browsing through the contents.

You will find quite a few sections which are perhaps not as thoroughly explored as they might be. All I can say is try back later — I'm adding to and improving the site whenever I have time.

About the Site's Design:

I designed these pages using the Georgia and Verdana fonts for the content (such as this sentence). The graphics are all from Dover clip art and font books. Specifically:

The background was created using #126 from Full-Color Allover Patterns.
The lizard used to create the S is item #1081 from 1500 Decorative Ornaments.
The corner motif on the main page and the clip art in the titles of all other pages are from Full-Color Art Nouveau Designs and Motifs (#005 and #013 respectively).

The fonts used are:

  • for the main menu options and in the main page title
    — Childs, from 24 Art Nouveau Display Fonts

  • for the sub-menu options and all other page titles
    — Candlemas, from 24 Calligraphic Display Fonts)

  • also used in the main page title — Carpenter Script,
    from 24 Script and Cursive Display Fonts

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