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Mom's pregnancy with me
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Welcome to SaraJoan's Digital Home

These are pages my mom created when she had the time (and the energy!) while she was expecting me.  Enjoy!

Audio Files

Books I've Read...

The title pretty much says it all. This is a list of the books I read from throughout this pregnancy. As I have time, I'll add my own reviews, but for now it's mostly just a list.

If you're interested, click here...

Pictures (Ultrasound Images & Other)

If you're interested in seeing the ultrasound images (our very first baby pictures!), click here...

If you're looking for pictures of me while pregnant, click here...

As some of you know, my brother and sister-in-law (Lou and Tracy) also had their first child earlier in the same summer as our little one. Lou has put together a wonderful Web site with pictures of Timothy James (a.k.a. TJ) at:

Pregnancy Journal

This is based on a physical journal which I am keeping, but it's a little less long-winded and graphic. *grin* Basically key dates — when I suspected, doctors' appointments, etc. — and a running monologue on how the pregnancy is progressing.

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