Alan's assistant, Melanie Parker, has asked us (webmasters) to post a notice to all fans that due to his current work schedule, he is regrettably unable to fulfil requests for autographs or photos at the present time.  She also said that Alan is very concerned his fans will be disappointed or feel he has adopted a high and mighty attitude, which IS NOT TRUE.  So, I am asking all of you who have written Alan to please be understanding and don't take it personally if your request is not honored or your letter is not answered.  And for those who are thinking of writing in the future, please refrain temporarily until the situation improves and the sheer volume of mail Alan has been receiving is reduced.  Thank you.

Alan has a good reputation for being gracious
and considerate of his fans.  He is a star who,
although his popularity has increased greatly,
still gives autographs freely and frequently
when his work schedule allows (see above).
In England, you can write to Alan at
the following address:

Alan Rickman
c/o Duncan Heath
Oxford House 76 Oxford St.
London W1D 1BS

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